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Used mini cars in the deficiency report: minimum area, maximum space

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Used mini cars in the defect report
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It owes its enormous agility to the M ini that it was already a lifestyle car when it was the appropriate Anglicism for it did not yet exist. With the new edition in 2001, the Mini made itself fit for the 21st century. The first generation, which was built for 41 years, is only suitable for enthusiasts due to its pronounced unreliability and minimal safety standard. The New Mini impresses with its safe driving behavior, good brakes and sufficient space - only at the front and rear is traditionally insufficient.

The mini-owner didn't make a happy choice BMW for the engines. The first New Mini is driven by rough and unwilling petrol engines from a cooperation with Chrysler. The 115 hp 1.6-liter in the Cooper is most likely to be recommended. Models with almost 100,000 kilometers of mileage cost around 7,500 euros, around ten percent more than a 25 hp weaker One. The economical diesel models (from 9,000 euros) are very rare, the drinkable Cooper S starts at around 10,000 euros (100,000 km).

The generally high price level is put into perspective by the extensive special equipment with the most of the used vehicles are equipped. It is better to invest the money in a New Mini of the second generation, built from 2006. The engines come from PSA and are pleasing with their smooth running, high revving and low fuel consumption. In addition, processing quality and reliability are above the more vulnerable first model series.

The prices for the 90 hp One start at 12,500 euros with around 25,000 kilometers. Comparable Cooper are around 1,500 euros more, the 110 hp diesel costs around 15,000 euros. Still rare: the Mini Clubman. Interested parties must invest at least 16,000 euros for the small combination, which has been available since 2007.


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