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Used cars Fiat Grande Punto: more than just a facelift

Used Fiat Grande Punto in the defect report
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With a small car Fiat has always been successful - that applies to the practical Panda as well as for the cult 500 . The bestseller in the range is still the G rande Punto . The addition Grande is not just a word for him:

The Fiat Grande Punto scores with a good amount of space

At almost 17 Centimeters more in length than its predecessor Punto, the Fiat was one of the first to grow to the four-meter size that is common today in this segment. The result is a good amount of space, which is packaged in a handsome, but not very clear two- or four-door body. This includes a platform developed jointly with Opel that is used there for the Corsa. Workmanship and material quality are not only decent for Fiat standards. Smaller problems such as cracking steering, faulty brake hoses and incorrectly laid cables, which could lead to a failure of the heating, were resolved as part of product recalls.

There is hardly any risk with buying a used Grande Punto connected

A risk is associated with buying a used Grande Punto hardly connected. Well-equipped models are most popular, although it is important to note whether ESP or side airbags are on board - both are not part of the basic equipment. Even with the engines, the base is not the focus. Interest is focused on the 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 77 hp, the more powerful engines from 95 hp are often combined with the two-door. Diesel engines, although there are numerous on offer and an economical alternative as a 1.3-liter Multijet, only play a minor role.

If you are currently looking for a cheap used Grande Punto, you will hardly find it under 6,000 euros. As a new car, the Fiat minus the scrapping premium and Additional bonus hardly more expensive - but only in lean equipment.


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