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Used car Opel Corsa in the deficiency report: popular small car

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Defects report used Opel Corsa
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Compared to its predecessor, which was even more numerous on the used car market, the one on the Fiat Grande Punto building Corsa D increased in length by 15 centimeters. This gives the small car, which is offered as a two- and four-door model, sufficient space to allow four to go on tour. What is, however, with the overall properly processed O pel Corsa D diminishes the positive impression, are the extraordinary confusion and the synthetic electric power steering, which offers little road contact and impairs accuracy and handling.

He can do that As the general inspection by the Dekra showed, a high degree of solidity weighed in: 97.6 percent of all types up to a distance of 50,000 kilometers passed the first check without defects. This makes the Corsa D top of the class.
The third generation of the Corsa, which was offered between 2000 and 2006 and continues to enjoy great popularity, also achieved good grades. The most frequent complaints were defects in the electrics and lighting.

In an endurance test by auto motor und sport, a Corsa 1.2 16V performed over a distance of 100,000 kilometers, apart from minor defects such as a loosened door handle and a creaking brake pedal and the rattling exhaust no failure. As with the current model, the range of engines for the Corsa C with four petrol engines between 58 and 125 hp and four diesel versions between 65 and 100 hp leaves little to be desired.


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