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Used car Mitsubishi Colt: The Japanese in three variants

Used vehicle Mitsubishi Colt in deficiency report
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S a technical twin Smart Forfour only ran off the joint production line in Holland from 2004 to 2006, while the Mitsubishi Colt was built two years longer and sold around 77,000 times in this country up to the facelift last November.

The majority is made up of four-door models with the 95 hp 1.3-liter petrol engine

As with new cars, used models are also priced similarly Level like the Smart : starts at around 6,000 euros the offer. The majority are four-door with the 95 hp 1.3-liter gasoline engine. You don't drive much worse with the 75 hp 1.1-liter base engine, which is more economical and doesn't seem much weaker. The 1.5-liter versions with 109 hp, the CZT with 150 hp turbo gasoline engine, which is only available as two-door models, and the common rail diesel with 68 or 95 hp play hardly any role in the stock. Their consumption advantage is usually too low for the higher vehicle tax expenditure to pay off. Although the four-door model also has a sliding rear seat in addition to being easier to get into, it is hardly more expensive than a comparable two-door model.

Because of its reliability, the Colt has a good reputation

In any case, the only 3.87 meters long but tall small car with safe driving characteristics is waiting, usable storage space (220 to 1070 liters) as well as a spacious interior for the class. However, there is a lack of seating comfort on the relatively narrow seating and legroom at the back. Because of its reliability, the Mitsubishi Colt has a good reputation, it falls in the Dekra deficiency statistics only negative with minor electrical problems and increased brake wear. The cabrio-coupé CZC with a retractable sheet metal roof, which was only introduced in May 2006 and is only available with the more powerful petrol engines and has not yet been lifted, is rarely found as a used vehicle.


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