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Toyota Yaris Hybrid in the driving report: Save fuel for beginners

Toyota Yaris Hybrid in the driving report
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M Wait a minute, something is wrong. The on-board computer shows an average consumption of 3.8 liters, but after 100 kilometers the fuel nozzle clicks at just 3.1 liters. So grab the little one by the C-pillar and shake it vigorously until the air bubble in the filler neck has warped and a few more sips can fit in. However, with the best will in the world, more than 3.5 liters do not go, with which the Toyota Yaris Hybrid has exactly reached its NEDC consumption.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid with tried-and-tested drive technology

What a surprise, even if the first test round was tackled sparingly and without air conditioning. 79 grams of CO2 /km also make it currently the cleanest car with a combustion engine. No new technological territory had to be broken to achieve the record values. Rather, the company relies on components from Auris & Co that have been tried and tested a million times and that have been slimmed down for the lightweight Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

Instead of the 1.8-liter gasoline engine, the modified 1.5-liter four-cylinder with 74 hp from the predecessor Prius, which is supported by 60 electric hp, is used. The nickel-metal hydride battery has also been reduced from 168 to 120 cells compared to the Auris, making the entire hybrid system 42 kilos lighter.

The smaller juice dispenser not only saves weight and money. Since the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is 20 percent more compact, it can be stowed under the back seat and does not swallow up part of the luggage space as in the Auris. The other hybrid components snuggle under the bonnet next to the combustion engine, which means that there is no loss of space.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid drives agile and easy to handle

Despite the reduced power supply, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid drives up to two kilometers purely electrically. To do this, the driver either presses a switch in the center console or accelerates particularly gently, so that the combustion engine only starts working at a speed of 50 or more.

As with all power-split hybrids from Toyota, you can hardly hear, let alone feel, the switching between the individual operating modes. Since the gear ratio is adapted by means of a planetary gear, the four-door accelerates surprisingly quickly and without annoying shift jerking. In addition, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid drives extremely handy and agile with its smooth electromechanical steering.

Of comfortHowever, the chassis, which has been adopted unchanged in its basic design, does not come close to the drive unit. Short and long bumps cause unrest, and the material appearance of the clearly arranged cockpit does not reach the level of the best small cars.

No break in the ground, after all, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid with prices from 16,950 euros is currently the cheapest option to drive a hybrid model. This means that it is only 600 euros more expensive than the (manual) diesel version, and the only comparable competitor, the Honda Jazz Hybrid, is around 2,000 euros higher. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid can be recognized externally by its streamlined front apron - or by drivers who shake it when refueling.


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