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Toyota Aygo X: successor to the Aygo with lots of space

18-inch wheels, two-tone paintwork as standard for many models, lightweight SUV design: the successor to the Toyota Aygo is no longer a case for outpatient nursing services, but a stylish car for customers who don't look at the euro. We explored how the Aygo X drives in a slightly camouflaged model from the first days of production.

Designed in Europe, built in Europe: This is how Toyota advertises the new Aygo X, the X of which should be pronounced Cross. Cross for crossover. And there is definitely something to it. Because the little one grew not only in wheelbase (plus nine centimeters) and length (plus 13.5 centimeters to 3.70 meters), but also in width (plus 12.5 centimeters) and height (plus five centimeters). The design looks stockier due to the bulkier, less inclined bonnet and at least 17-inch wheels (top model Explore: 18 inches) in flared wheel arches underline the effort to make the little ones look grown-up.

As already reported, not only has the car increased in format, the pricing is also striving for higher. The spectrum ranges without extras from 15,390 to 23,750 euros for the limited introductory model Limited with a large folding sunroof and the new continuously variable CVT transmission. We couldn't drive that on the first test trip, but Toyota promises "best in class" properties for the new design in all respects. We will see. The CVT transmission with steering wheel paddles for shifting the virtual gears costs 1,200 euros, the large folding sunroof 1,000 euros. Both options are not available for the budget trim levels.

Elevated seating position, restricted all-round view

The increase in size that the GA-B platform, which is also used by the larger Yaris, enables the driver's seat to be mounted a good five centimeters higher. Accordingly, it is effortless to get into the Aygo X and look at the traffic from an elevated vantage point. This is quite pleasant for the large overview. But where the bonnet ends can be seen from the seat, which is not overly thickly padded, just as little as in the predecessor. It doesn't look much better to the rear. The limiting factors here are the massive rear roof pillar and the small windows in the rear doors, which are much too narrow for easy boarding.,

So a blind spot warning device would be good when changing lanes, because looking over the shoulder, like in many modern cars, doesn't help unequivocal clarity. But this useful warning is missing in the extensive assistant arsenal, which gives the Aygo X, among other things, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking assistance with pedestrian and cyclist detection. After all, there are parking sensors at the front and rear and a reversing camera for maneuvering.

Low operating forces, playful driving

LED headlights, an app for remote access to the vehicle via smartphone and cloud-based permanently installed navigation are also new. However, this is basically dispensable, because with wireless smartphone integration via Apple Carplay and Android Auto as well as inductive charging, the Aygo X offers convenient connectivity that is by no means a matter of course in this small class.,

Under the hood, the now with a massive, upright front makes it look like an SUV, it stays with the one-liter three-cylinder without any supercharging. It delivers 72 hp at 6,000 crankshaft revolutions and 93 Newton meters at 4,400 rpm. Motorized in this way, the Aygo X should even outperform competing mild hybrids in terms of consumption. Depending on the equipment, the standard consumption is 4.7 to 5.4 liters of Super (115 to 122 grams of CO₂). However, this engine deserves less good marks for smooth running and power development, that seems certain after a first short ride.

Manageable temperament, low consumption

The small treble always runs a little rough and drums into the interior, which is audible to annoying if you let it turn under load. And you have to let it shoot quite often if you want to make progress. Because the five forward gears are designed to be very long to save fuel, which naturally makes life difficult for the low-torque engine at low and medium speeds. Once up to speed, the Aygo X is pleasantly quiet, fulfilling Toyota's promise that the soundproofing of the bodywork was particularly elaborate. The driving performance is enough for swimming along in traffic, but not more: 156 km/h top speed and 15.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h are not values ​​that you can boast about at the regulars' table these days. But the urban group of buyers that Toyota has in mind with the Aygo X shouldn't be particularly interested.,

Despite the large wheels, the Aygo X springs gracefully. Above all, it filters out minor bumps in a manner that is less good at dealing with rough attacks on the road. The operating forces are remarkably low, both for the pedals, the precise shifting and the steering. The other side of the coin: the driver doesn't really feel much of what happens between the front wheels and the road in the steering wheel, which can only be adjusted in terms of inclination but not in depth. An interpretation for the city, where the small turning circle (Toyota promises 9.4 meters) should often turn out to be a joker.

More space for everyone, including luggage

And what did the increase in size bring to the perceived room comfort? The front is airy for this class and anything but cramped. At the back it tweaks less than before, but the legroom has gained a bit due to the longer wheelbase. But the Aygo X should not be misunderstood as a full-fledged four-seater, especially not with a view to holiday trips.Compared to the Aygo, the trunk has grown by 63 liters, but only 231 liters of luggage fit under the parcel shelf. If the backrests are folded down, the volume is even sufficient for 829 liters. The only annoying thing is that a thick step is then created in the trunk floor. It is also uncomfortable that the trunk floor is much lower than the lower edge of the tailgate. Heaving a crate or even a heavy trunk out of there takes strength.,

But that doesn't change the fact that the X has won over the Aygo in terms of usability, comfort and safety. That may put the steeply increased prices into perspective a little, as does the fact that the small Toyota no longer looks so small thanks to clever design. It looks great, the small city SUV.,


The sharply increased prices of the small Toyota go hand in hand with a successful higher positioning. As an X, the Aygo offers more space, more safety assistance, more comfort and also more status. The Aygo X stands confidently on the road and should appeal to urban customers.


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