Toyota Aygo X: Rustic dwarf in the test

Small cars are out? The Japanese don't find it and send a new one. What can the Aygo do in off-road dress? Our test provides the answer.

Holy tin, it doesn't work like that. They are developing a 3.70 meter short four-seater based on the Yaris, which is supposed to delight in the city with splendid maneuverability, and what rolls off the assembly line? A fatally confusing four-seater from the rear with rear doors that open so tightly that even buckling children in their seats is difficult – if you could even get the latter in. Only hinged windows provide air supply. There are no compartments, shelves or USB sockets. The fact that large passengers travel in front is self-explanatory.

, Carrier engine, comfortable chassis

At the back it is similarly sparse. No flaps or nets and a storage volume of 231 to a maximum of 829 liters. Since the rear window serves as a luggage compartment hatch, as in the predecessor, the loading sill is 80 centimeters high.

So rather drive. Under the expressive hood sits a rough and robust-sounding three-cylinder with a displacement of one liter and 72 hp, which vibrates a lot, but doesn't really get the 964-kilogram Toyota moving at all. It takes almost 16 seconds to sprint to 100 km/h. In addition, it is by no means faster, but it is louder. Longer stretches of motorway with the Aygo X are not a relaxed affair, especially when it is loaded. The low test consumption of 5.3 liters and the precise latching, but long-stepped five-speed manual agree forgiving. The same applies to the comfort-oriented chassis, which hardly affords a rumble, and the fundamentally safe vote. However, the brake should decelerate more powerfully.

, How much does the fun cost?

In any case too much. Even the Play, in terms of equipment a level above the basic Aygo X and far away from the charismatic variants with a folding top and two-tone paintwork, costs almost 17,000 euros. For comparison: Dacia demands just 14,950 euros for its Sandero Stepway TCe 90 Expression, and it is almost 40 centimeters longer, has a 328 liter trunk and is more nimble thanks to its turbocharged petrol engine (91 hp).

So it's good that even the Aygo X Play still has a little something up its sleeve. For example, many assistance systems, comfortable seats and a nice cockpit. Toyota doesn't skimp on hard plastics here, but with the right color and beautifully put together, it still makes a respectable impression. Is that enough for three stars? Of course.


We would have expected a little more steam and finesse. So the expensive Aygo X is just a comfortable and economical companion for the city with remarkably little utility.


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