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Tazzari Zero in the driving report: Electric city car from Italy

Beeate Jeske
Tazzari Zero in the driving report
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M the dawning age of e-mobility must be like Understand a spring: like fresh green, new brands are sprouting up that want to secure their share of the car market. Tazzari is one of them. So far, the Italian group has not built any cars, at most it has supplied aluminum profiles and parts to the auto industry. But with the onset of electromobility, one saw a growing field of activity in which one's own know-how would be an advantage. After all, lightweight construction is particularly important for e-cars.

Drive technology and batteries are bought in

So it is more than obvious that the The plastic body of the Zero hides a structure made of cast and extruded aluminum parts in order to keep the mass as low as possible. In view of the curb weight of only around 550 kilograms, the approach and implementation can be regarded as successful. The drive technology is bought in. Chinese lithium-ion batteries, which are manufactured on a large industrial scale by the manufacturer Thundersky, are installed under the seats. They are considered robust and comparatively inexpensive. That is probably why they are currently being tested by many major car manufacturers. At Tazzari or, better, at the importer, Smiles AG in Aub, Bavaria, you can buy them in a production car. The Zero is available for 23,990 euros, a comparable offer cannot be found anywhere else.

The Tazzari Zero is the ideal car for the city

However, the Zero is not extremely cheap. Finally, there is the Toyota Prius from 25,450 euros, a VW Polo Blue Motion even from 16,575 euros. Both are very economical, but not e-cars. In addition to this otherness, the shortness of the Zero is particularly appealing. This makes it the ideal car for the city without causing claustrophobia in tall people, because two adults will find enough space. In addition, the two luggage compartments at the front and rear hold 180 liters, which is sufficient for larger purchases. In urban areas, the Zero delights with good clarity, a small turning circle and the best potential to get a parking space, because it is not even three meters in length. A steering aid does not appear to be necessary when maneuvering either, the steering works sufficiently smoothly despite the very direct translation.

Only a pre-production model was available for the first exit

On theCountry roads, on the other hand, would be more desirable because, together with the short wheelbase, they reduce straight-line stability at high speeds. If the road is also uneven, the undercarriage, which is not very easy to swallow, introduces further unrest. The Tazzari does not move like a string. However, a pre-production model was available for this first trip, which is still to be revised in detail. It is possible that straight-line stability will also benefit. There are definitely improvements in the noise level, promises Karl Nestmeier, head of Smiles AG. The Zero still sounds like you're sitting on a table saw, quite loud yowling is the constant companion. You can't hear much of this on the outside, but inside the sound is transmitted almost ideally, also because insulation materials were largely dispensed with - a tribute to the lightweight construction. The transmission structure-borne noise is to be eliminated in the future by a suspension with silent blocks. The gear ratio will also be changed for series use, namely the Zero does not yet break the psychologically important 100 km /h mark.

A range of 140 kilometers should be possible

In one of its four drive programs that can be selected at any time, it is even limited to just 65 km /h. To do this, the green button must be pressed, and only eight of a maximum of 25 kW of power are available. What sounds extremely puny is enough not to attract attention in city traffic as an obstacle. Above all, however, the Zero runs extremely efficiently in this program, a range of 140 kilometers should be possible. The opposite pole is the red button. One push and full performance is available at short notice - with surprising insights. Because what 25 kW is capable of when it weighs only 550 kilograms is quite surprising: The Zero becomes a brave sprinter. Yellow is the normal mode that enables 15 kW continuous power. A service that is also made available when the blue button is pressed. Now, however, the drive reacts less bitingly, because this mode is intended for smoothness.

ABS system and driver airbag would be desirable

Until series production the very toothless brake should also be improved. It would be similarly desirable that the Zero get an ABS system and at least one driver airbag. However, he is still wishful thinking about this car, which currently doesn't even have sun visors. It is all the more surprising that CD radio, radio central locking, electric window lifters and mirror adjusters as well as - you guessed it - aluminum rims are standard equipment; the Italian design anyway. His grown-up appearance should be quite conducive to the expected sales in Germany of 900 pieces per year. The brand name Tazzari will have to be remembered.


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