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Suzuki Swift Sport in the driving report: Sport without options

Suzuki Swift Sport in the driving report
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S So you can still do it, the Japanese: A Offer a fully equipped car, the list of surcharges remains empty. Even a metallic paint is part of the standard equipment of the new Suzuki Swift Sport, in addition to an automatic climate control, bi-xenon headlights, a Bluetooth hands-free system and other niceties such as the comfortable sports seats with plenty of lateral support.

In addition, it holds The driver holds a three-spoke steering wheel with red decorative stitching in his hands that can finally be adjusted vertically and axially and thus enables a significantly better, albeit still somewhat high, seating position in the Suzuki Swift Sport.

Suzuki Swift Sport for manageable 18,490 euros

The price for the sports package? A manageable 18,490 euros, including a sober hard plastic living area in the interior. And how much sport does the standard equipment of the Suzuki Swift Sport include? According to the data sheet, a four-cylinder petrol engine that has grown from 125 to 136 hp. The torque increased from 148 to 160 Newton meters at 4,400 revolutions. The cost-conscious Japanese prefer to leave turbocharging or compressor charging and direct injection to others and have therefore revised the engine from the predecessor. An optimized air duct plus variable intake manifold are considered to be primarily responsible for the increase in performance in the Suzuki Swift Sport, at the same time Suzuki believes that it can reduce fuel consumption from the previous 7.0 to 6.4 L /100 km.

The apparently indispensable start button , decorated with a pretty chrome edge, forces the 1.6-liter unit to work. Typical naturally aspirated engine: it snaps completely instantaneously when the accelerator is commanded, but retains its pulling power at low speeds. Only from 4,000 rpm. If a stronger wind blows through the intake ducts of the Suzuki Swift Sport, now the 11.0: 1 compressed unit turns up - and cheerfully up. Only at 7,000 rpm. the rev limiter stops the work frenzy, a little erotic, hollow blaring has long filled the spacious interior.

New Suzuki Swift Sport weighs ten kilos more

Sound has never been the strength of the 3.89 Meter long Suzuki Swift Sport. After all, the new, smooth - but not particularly precise - shiftable six-speed gearbox helps to curb the noise level on the motorway a little. However, the top speed of 195 km /h is reached in fifth gear.

The sprint from zero to 100 km /h should be 8.7Seconds to be done, two tenths earlier than before, to which the acceptable power to weight ratio of the Suzuki Swift Sport of 8.2 kg /PS contributes. Of course, the lavish equipment adds a few extra pounds - ten kilograms more than its predecessor - even though the engineers proudly refer to the 17-inch wheels that are now one kilogram lighter per rim.

Suzuki Swift developers were too shy

In addition, the front axle got 15 percent harder springs compared to the standard Swift Spring rate increased by 30 percent. The Suzuki Swift Sport doesn't drive like an uncompromising bang, quite the contrary. The developers should have trusted themselves more, because despite precise steering behavior, the Suzuki Swift Sport escapes into understeer a little too early. Tires with a more sporty profile could help.

Depending on the speed, the rear can be persuaded to cooperate a little by luffing it abruptly, but it usually stays where the safety-conscious manufacturer would like. If the driver is too optimistic, the ESP intervenes in good time, but behaves more like a guillotine than an elegantly curved blade. Although Suzuki has deliberately eliminated the greatest weaknesses of its predecessor, the Suzuki Swift Sport still leaves a few wishes unfulfilled for the joy of dynamic locomotion. So how about a small list of options after all?


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