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2 017, the Munich start-up Sono Motors has the first prototype of its Sion electric cars presented. With various events and a test drive tour through Europe, 10,000 prepaid customer reservations for the model have been collected so far. But now Sono Motors urgently needs fresh capital. At the beginning of December 2019, a crowdfunding campaign was started with the aim of collecting 50 million euros by December 30, 2019. The new campaign follows a strategic realignment in funding the project. The main aim of the fresh capital is to secure production.

The Sion is being built by contract manufacturer NEVS in Sweden. NEVS emerged from the former car manufacturer Saab and is firmly in Chinese hands. Accordingly, the Sion is manufactured in the former Saab factory in Trollhättan. Production will start in the second half of 2020. After the ramp-up phase, around 43,000 Sion will be produced annually in two-shift operation. One hundred percent renewable energy is used for production. A total of 260,000 vehicles will roll off the production line in Trollhättan over a period of eight years.

Sono Motors
Solar panels on the body supply the Sion with electricity

The Sion remains true to its pragmatic form but grown significantly. From now on it measures 4.29 meters in length and 1.83 meters in width. The design is reminiscent of classic vans, a counterpoint to the prevailing SUV trend. In addition to favorable production methods, there are also technical reasons behind the straight surfaces. Like the prototypes, the Sono Sion will carry solar panels for electricity production.

With ideal weather conditions, i.e. sunshine, up to 34 additional kilometers of electrical powerRange per day.

Mathieu Baudrit, Head of Research and Development Solar Integration at Sono Motors, says: “Since the presentation of our first prototype in summer 2017, we have had the technology for solar integration which we have been working since 2016, consistently developed. Full-surface integrated solar cells will be used in the production vehicle, which are embedded in a hard-wearing and insensitive polymer and now contribute to the design aesthetics of the vehicle with optimized color matching. '>

Sono Motors
'Secret' presentation of the WLTP test, published by Sono Motors

120 kW electric motor

The Sono Sion is propelled by a 120 kW (163 hp) electric motor with a maximum torque of 290 Nm, and it will be able to drive a maximum of 140 km /h. The batteries in the vehicle have a storage capacity of 35 kWh. The range should be 250 kilometers without the additional kilometers provided by the solar panels.

The structure of the Sion model range should be reduced to the maximum for simple logistics. After customer surveys have shown interest in a trailer coupling, the Sion will get the hook at the rear as standard. Like the Ford Model T, all cars are delivered in black. Further vehicle models are planned on the vehicle's platform.

Range of over 500 kilometers

On July 30, 2019, Sono Motors published a 'Confidential' ('Secret' ) subtitled graphic with information about the Sion's battery pack and the achievable range. An associated table lists values ​​that should be part of a consumption test according to the current WLTP standard. According to the published data, the Sion with a net capacity of the battery of 35 kWh should achieve a WLTP range of up to 276 kilometers in overland traffic and up to 505 kilometers in urban traffic.

Sono Motors
The moss air filter below the dashboard

The higher values ​​in city traffic result from the lower average speed and the frequent braking maneuvers, which causes recuperation 100 kilometers driving distance is up to 8.3 kWh. According to the table in the WLTP test, the Sion recuperates a maximum of 5 kWh /100 km in overland traffic. The published graphic also shows other key data for the battery. The package measures 1620x920x165 millimeters, consists of 192 individual cells, weighs 251 kilos and is liquid-cooled using a water /glycol mixture.

Compared to the first prototypes, the interior has changed again. Here Sono Motors has cleaned up again and reduced the number of controls. All applications can be controlled via a newly designed 10-inch central display. It also shows the relevant vehicle information and consumption data. Apple Carplay and Android Auto are integrated. The eye-catcher in the Sion, however, is “Bresono”, the natural moss air filter underneath the dashboard, which is supposed to improve the room climate and reduce fine dust.

The luggage for a maximum of five passengers can be accommodated in the 650 Lite trunk. If necessary, the storage space can be expanded to 1,250 liters to the disadvantage of the rear passengers. The company gives the price for the Sono Sion at 25,500 euros. Information about a planned sales and service network is also not yet known ..


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