Small car test Audi A1, Mini One, Opel Adam

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Audi A1, Mini One and Opel Adam in comparison test
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F ast every third Tag currently flies into the mailbox announcing a new star in efficiency. Whether petrol or diesel, Audi, BMW or Peugeot - they all vow more power from three cylinders at attractive prices, fabulous CO2 values ​​below 100 grams and mostly refined running. To do this, they pack technical insights into variable valve controls, elaborate injection systems and lightweight aluminum crankcases.

So it is urgent to finally bring the automobiles that match the mails to the yard. The Audi A1 1.0 TFSI Ultra, the Mini One - and in addition to the two premium mobiles we have the current master of customization, the Opel Adam, committed. After all, an already lauded downsizer works under its hood, just packaged more cheekily than in the Corsa. And so it goes perfectly with the Audi A1 and Mini.

Audi A1 from 16,950 euros

The youngest in the trio is the one-liter three-cylinder ( Pros and cons of three-cylinder: That's what ours mean Authors ) with 95 PS from the VW Group, which already works in the VW Polo and Seat Ibiza. Already good for the customer: The cheapest Audi on the market costs just 16,950 euros. So far, at least 19,300 have been due for the 1.4 TSI (120 PS). The maximum torque (160 Nm) of the turbo gasoline engine, which weighs only 88 kilos and has to do without a balance shaft and a sixth gear, is around 1,500 tours. Sounds promising for a 1.1 ton truck. But it is not. Because the engine is cheeky, almost rough in the test, remains acoustically always present and does not push as hard as hoped.

Zero to 100 km /h: a moderate eleven seconds. Just as weak: the pull-through values ​​in the test. In the intermediate sprint from 80 to 120, Mini One and Opel are Adam about a second faster. In addition, the lack of sixth gear forces high engine speeds on the motorway - you prefer to leave it at a top speed of 160 km /h. Mini and Adam stay much quieter at these travel speeds. And the consumption? Too high. Resilient values ​​between 6.4 and a minimum of 5.3l /100 km on the eco-lap are really not desirable. The fact that the three-cylinder competitors are even thirstier in all measurements should hardly console anyone, but disappoint them as well.

A shame, because otherwise the spacious and once again carefully crafted Audi A1 1.0 TFSI Sport is very balanced, moreover more comfortable than his opponents. Of course, its chassis is also stiff, but the Audi A1 reliably absorbs any impacts in city traffic, on the motorway or on rough dirt roads and does not rumble when loaded. In line with this, the Audi is known to be safe to drive, track-stable and, if necessary, a good partner for winding maneuvers. It is astonishing that the brakes of this Audi are slightly weak. So far, the A1 delayed in the test mostly exemplary. Another weak point of the Audi: Assistants such as ACC or traffic sign recognition are not available.

However, there is a lack of other extras such as adaptive dampers, very good sports seats, roof foils or expensive navigation infotainment systems including WiFi hotspot (2,890 euros) not.

More driving fun than the Mini One is hardly possible

However, looking at the price list of the 15 centimeter shorter Mini is just as sobering. Sensible assistance systems are in abundance on offer. But do you know what the One normally rolls on? Brave 15-inch model with 175-inch tires. 17-inch aluminum costs 1,700 euros extra. And more than one plastic steering wheel is not used in the 102 hp mini. Even an on-board computer costs extra. Accordingly, the basic price of the One climbs quickly from 17,650 euros to 20,000 euros. Compared to the Opel Adam is the two-door Adjusted for equipment over 3,000 euros more expensive.

Mini friends and fans of speeding around curves shouldn't care much. Just like the lack of driving comfort or the latently nervous steering on fast motorway journeys. Much more important is the great agility that every Mini offers free of charge. Because, of course, a One also steers incredibly playfully, extremely directly, can be precisely and very quickly circled through curves - without having to resist the load change wagging. What fun.

The 1.2 liter, 102 hp engine in the front of the car is just as much fun. Three cylinders? Hard to hear or feel. But thanks to 180 Nm it pushes hard from the very bottom, turns up willingly and always remains quiet. Ideal for this: the crisp six-speed gearbox. The only disadvantage of the very successful drive: the even higher test consumption of 6.9 l /100 km.

Otherwise, the well-made and very clear Mini attracts with the beloved mini insignia, a sophisticated infotainment system including Rotary push-button, first-class sports seats and the most spacious rear.But the One can do even more: For example, the cover of its 211-liter trunk can be hidden under the loading floor, while the rear seat, fixed in a 90-degree position, provides more space. None of its competitors offer that.

Opel Adam with best performance in the test

The 12.3 centimeter shorter Opel Adam not at all. A small 170 liter trunk with a loading sill that is too high must be enough. Space in the rear? Minimal.

So does Adam have a chance at all? Yes. On the one hand, the Adam as a slam is lavishly equipped and available in all colors and variations at a price of 17,340 euros. On the other hand, there is a very enjoyable engine under its hood. Lively on the gas, easy-turning and low-vibration, the one-liter engine (115 hp) helps the astonishingly heavy (1.13 tons) Adam achieve the best performance in the test. Whether an intermediate sprint or zero hundred: Adam easily drives away from the Mini.

Less outstanding: the loud road noise and its chassis. Tightly coordinated and punished with oversized 18 inchers, the Opel is just as rough on all routes as the Mini. That would be okay if it led around the corner so quickly. And? Unfortunately, no. His steering is too callous and imprecise for that.

In the end, Adam only made third place despite the fine drive. But the fact that he was able to compete against the duo shows how successful the qualitatively very mature Adam is.


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