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Seat and Cupra EVs: VW ID.1 & ID.2 as Spain Stromer

Seat and Cupra may launch two small electric cars in 2025. They are based on the VW ID.1 and ID.2 models announced for 2025.

Like the VW and Skoda brothers, the Spanish counterparts are also based on the modified modular electrical construction kit (MEB). Compared to the ID.3 and ID.4, this MEB-Small has a wheelbase that is seven centimeters shorter and is 2.70 meters. Accordingly, the Seat and Cupra Stromer should hardly fall below the four-meter mark, since the overhangs cannot be shortened arbitrarily due to crash safety. Originally, Seat was in charge of building a low-cost platform for small electric cars, but that was completely taken over by VW.

While the Cupra Urbanrebel study (photo show) from the IAA 2021 anticipates a classic but very sporty small car (ID.1), a sketch shown in early 2021 showed a crossover-like and more conventionally designed Seat model with short overhangs, shorter bonnet, crisp rear end and a distinguished lower window line. This corresponds to the ID.2, an electric VW T-Cross - or a Seat Arona, to stay in the brand world.

Cupra EV for 25,000 euros

This also underlines the statement by Seat and Cupra boss Wayne Griffith that the electric Spaniard will "correspond to the current Seat Arona in format". And this is 4.11 meters long and has a wheelbase of 2.56 meters. While the Cupra will be available for around 25,000 euros, the Seat will be around 22,000 euros.

And what about the technology? In order to realize prices between 20,000 euros (VW ID.1) and 25,000 euros, the most expensive part, the battery, has to become significantly cheaper. Lithium iron phosphate batteries without cobalt, which are cheap and durable, should then be used for this. However, they have the negligible disadvantage of a smaller range and are heavier.

, By the way: The names Seat Acandra and the name Elroq for the Skoda are circulating. According to information from www.auto-motor-und-sport.de, however, these names only serve as project names for other models, the small electric cars are still nameless. What is certain, however, is that the models will roll off the assembly line at the Spanish Seat plant in Martorell, VW is converting the production facility into an electromobility site, and a second production line would be possible in Bratislava. Emden is out because of the high production costs.


The VW Group will bring ID.1 and ID.2 as well as offshoots of the small electric cars from Skoda and Seat from 2025. The Spaniards are probably planning to launch a crossover as an ID.2 counterpart as Seat, which is priced well below the Cupra model. This in turn should be a sporty small car based on ID.1, which the brand has already presented with the Urbanrebel. The Cupra, which has a much more civil design in series, should cost around 25,000 euros.


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