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Sawed-up Skoda Fabia: Pick-up show car from trainee hands

Patrick Lang
Ride in the Skoda Funstar
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Not only are the rear seats missing, the roof also ends after the driver's seat. This is absolutely fine, because the S koda Funstar is a pick-up based on the Fabia. The show car was created as a project by 23 trainees from the Skoda vocational school and celebrated its public premiere at this year's GTI meeting at Lake Wörthersee. Now we were allowed to take the wheel ourselves. Well, not particularly far and not particularly fast (limit: 30 km /h), because the Funstar is unfortunately not street legal. But it's always fun - for example with the built-in 1,400 watt sound system.

However, it was not possible to simply start the saw. The up-and-coming specialists first had to carry out precise drawings and measurements together with the body builder in order to stiffen the chassis. The 21 boys and two girls were actively supported by their trainers, chief designer Jozef Kabaň and the company management throughout the entire duration of the project. Building a show car in the vocational school is a beacon for the Skoda Academy.

“The Funstar has a great external effect. For potential students it is of course exciting to see that you can even design and build your own cars with us, ”says Martiwa Fickova, responsible for advertising and marketing at the vocational school.

Skoda Funstar stands on the feet of the Octavia RS

A 1.2 liter TSI gasoline engine with 122 hp works under the redesigned hood, which is clocked by a DSG gearbox. The 18-inch rims come from the Octavia RS and have been integrated into the Funstar design. As mentioned at the beginning, we cannot serve with acceleration values ​​or maximum speed. In the context of the restrictions, the Funstar drives flawlessly. Much more important than the performance on the asphalt is anyway the performance on the retina of the beholder. A show car is about the optics and the Skoda trainees really went to great lengths.

“We mixed the reflex green accent color ourselves, so it is our own creation. In the end, we opted for the main colors steel gray and moon white among several options, so that a harmonious overall composition is created, ”reports the trainee Filip Molnár, who took care of the paintwork. The green adorns the sills, grille surround, rear spoiler and interior elements. As the icing on the cake, there is alsothe corresponding LED underbody lighting.

Over 500 hours of work went into the Funstar

In total, the conception and Implementation of the study involved seven different departments. For example, the electronics trainees installed the powerful booming sound in the Skoda Funstar. Over 500 hours of work went into the pickup, many of which were done outside of regular school hours.

“We were still very happy to do it. You can't work together with such a team every day and the end result fully justifies the effort, ”sums up Jiří Kolomazník, who was responsible for the design. The media response shows that the young people are right. They even gave an interview for Czech TV. Even the specialist audience from Wörthersee was enthusiastic.

Unfortunately, the Skoda Funstar does not go into series production, but remains a one-off. If you want a pick-up from the Czech manufacturer, you have to stick to the Felicia Fun. Two exhibits from the Skoda Auto Museum were borrowed as a decorative framework for the trip. Said Felicia and an older study called Favorite Fun. You can find these and other impressions in our picture gallery.


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