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Renault prototype: original Twingo with Williams power

Renault is celebrating 30 years of Twingo, including with a previously unknown prototype. The 150 hp engine from the Clio Williams is in the original Twingo.


Renault is celebrating 30 years of Twingo and has given the small car a special exhibition at the Retromobile classic car show in Paris. Part of this special show is also a Twingo prototype, which many fans would certainly have wished for on the road in this form when the first Twingo generation was being built.

Motorsport prototype

Even on the outside, the blue paintwork and the white decorative stickers clearly indicate the direction: Renault 68 Gordini, i.e. motorsport. The Twingo prototype shown turns out to be a custom-made product that was originally designed for use in motorsport. A kind of brand cup was planned. So that he could also tear something there, he was lavishly equipped under the hood. As if squeezed in with a shoehorn, the two-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine from the Clio Williams fills the entire installation space. It pours out a whopping 150 hp and 200 Nm of torque over the front wheels. Additional air is fanned out to the large engine by a ventilation opening in the bonnet. The switches for battery disconnection and the fire extinguishing system are located in the normal bonnet gills. At that time, a maximum of a 1.2-liter naturally aspirated engine with 75 hp and 105 Nm was available in the production Twingo. The installation of the larger and more stable gearbox from the Clio turned out to be problematic. That built so wide that Renault had to dramatically reduce the steering angle. Feasible for the racetrack, absolutely unsuitable for everyday use.

The driver's workplace is enhanced by an airbag-free sports steering wheel and additional instruments (tachometer and water temperature). A roll cage provides additional safety. Otherwise, the Twingo was stripped of all non-race-related fixtures. The larger Speedline wheels with wide tires from the Clio Williams and a sports chassis were added.

Mileage has not been handed down. With 150 hp and a weight of just under 800 kilograms, a lot of driving fun should be guaranteed. ,


For the Twingo's 30th birthday, the French pulled a motorsport prototype of the small car out of the garage. At the time, it was equipped with the 150 hp four-cylinder from the Clio Williams. Unfortunately, he never made it onto the road or the race track.


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