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Renault Kadjar driving report: what can the Qashqai copy do?

Renault Kadjar in the driving report
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Chic, economical and well equipped - expanded with the Kadjar R enault his brand in the booming SUV segment and puts a big brother at the side of the little Capture, which should score well. Was that discussed? We ask again, but no doubt: Renault's s small SUV costs at least 19,990 euros. And the Nissan Qashqai platform dispenser? Also 19,990 euros. Both motorized with the small 1.2-liter turbo gasoline engine.

Brand brothers with the same technology and the same price. What shoud that? The look of the 4,449 millimeter long Renault Kadjar is a distinguishing criterion on. Without saying too much about design, we have to admit that it is astonishingly different from its seven centimeter shorter brother. Especially the steep muzzle with a large rhombus and chrome lines tapering off in the headlights is great cinema. The rear with its LED taillights and strikingly shaped flap is also impressive. The fact that, according to Renault, over 90 percent of the outer shell is new or different from the Qashqai sounds realistic.

SUV with a fresh look and plenty of space

Inside, the Renault Kadjar with virtual and sharp instruments that can be adjusted in many ways . Well done and like the optics a good way to differentiate yourself from the Nissan. The cockpit itself - in the, mind you, expensive Bose top model - looks high-quality. The typical peculiarities of the scattered buttons for cruise control, lane departure warning or other assistants can also be found in the Kadjar.

Also on board: the new R-Link 2 infotainment, which the only 1.6 meter high Renault Kadjar steals from the new Espace. A clever idea, because the system works quickly, is understandable, can swipe and scroll functions and is web-enabled. Also on board: lots of assistance systems for keeping in lane, parking, emergency braking or traffic sign recognition. Only ACC is not (yet) available.

Renault Kadjar in 10.1 seconds to 100 km /h

Both front and rear, passengers over 185 cm can be comfortably accommodated - unique larger shelves in the doorsabsence. The loading volume of the Renault Kadjar is on par with its class: 472 to 1,478 liters. The Nissan takes only a little more with 430 to 1,585 liters. The Kadjar inherits the clever loading floor system from the Qashqai. In this way, the elements can also be set up vertically - this helps when fixing small pieces of luggage. Also successful: the luggage compartment cover fits under the loading floor.

Initially, the well-known Renault downsizing units serve as power sources. Quite weak on the chest: The cheapest Kadjar variant mentioned at the beginning with a 1.2 liter turbo gasoline engine. The four-cylinder has a nominal output of 130 hp, but in reality it looks tight (0-100 km /h: 10.1 s). After all: He works quietly and cultivated. Only next year a unit from Nissan with around 160 hp should provide more driving pleasure with the gasoline engines.

Renault Kadjar consumes 3.8 l /100 km

The more consistent variants are there certainly the well-known and mature diesels. Even the dCi 110 (from 25,290 euros) with its torque of 260 Nm is significantly more powerful than the petrol engine (205 Nm from 2,000 tours). For a surcharge of 2,000 euros, the workers in Palenica, Spain, also mount a six-speed dual-clutch transmission on the cultivated compression-ignition engine, which should be quite economical in reality (NEDC consumption 3.8 l /100 km).

On all-wheel drive have to do without the two basic engines. Renault only donated that to the top model, the 130 hp dCi 130. And even that only for an additional payment of 2,000 euros. This increases the price of the Renault Kadjar to 29,890 euros. As already known from the Nissan, the driver can choose between three modes (2WD, variable, rigid) using the rotary knob. Thanks to a decent ground clearance of 20 centimeters, the all-wheel drive doesn't have to shy away from rough journeys.

The best for last

It was clear that the quiet dCi 130 with its torque of 320 Nm creates a lot of pressure and humor. The Renault Kadjar can surprise us with a dignified and comfortable chassis that only stuck a bit on transverse joints, but otherwise only bothered its occupants with gentle body movements.

The steering is moderately indirect. With it, the Renault Kadjar is upgraded to a comfortable SUV. Yes - upgraded. Because in other places, forced sportiness often only looks put on instead of skilfully implemented. A good example: the Qashqai. The two SUVs are similar in price and technology - but are otherwise so different that both will find their buyers.


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