Renault brings the electric Zoe Cargo in 2019

Renault Zoe Cargo 2019
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D he range of electric cars is growing, with the Tesla Model 3 finally available in Europe, the Korean model brothers Hyundai Kona Elektro and Kia e-Niro, and the launch of the first VW ID. More and more vehicles are coming onto the market at somewhat mundane prices.

The electric small car Zoe from Renault has been around since 2013, and is currently available at prices from 21,900 euros plus a battery rental.

17,800 Renault Zoe since market launch

After 2017, it was again the best-selling electric car in Germany last year. 6,400 Zoe were registered for the first time in 2018, and a total of 17,800 Zoe have been on German roads since the market launch. In 2018, an additional variant with more power was offered.

According to the German Renault importer, the Zoe also tops the hit list of funding applications for the state environmental bonus for electric cars: 10,600 applications were made for the French. The internal brand ranking of electric cars is dominated by the Zoe; Renault sold a total of 7,400 ZE (zero emission) models in 2018. The Kangoo van increased by 74.3 percent to 760 units.

The demand for the electric Renault Kangoo is currently increasing sharply, as many delivery services and craftsmen are likely to switch from diesel vans to compact vans due to driving bans in city centers Change.

Zoe Cargo is coming in 2019

For this target group, Renault is planning the market launch of the Zoe Cargo in 2019, which will dispense with a rear seat bench to provide more load space. In addition to the aforementioned Kangoo, the large Master and the cargo version of the small Twizy, it will be Renault's fourth electric utility vehicle.

Renault has not yet given any prices or details about the Zoe Cargo. In the passenger car segment, the brand will also be bringing the new Clio, which will be presented in 2019, as a hybrid in 2020. Captur and Mégane should also come onto the market as plug-in hybrids from 2020


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