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Purchase advice Either OR: Suzuki Jimny vs Ignis

Either OR - Suzuki
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J Everyone wants it, but hardly anyone has got it: The Suzuki Jimny turns a lot of heads with its angular design, but only 6,800 units were delivered to German dealers in 2018. Even in Japan, the waiting time for the compact off-road professional is around two years. But Suzuki has an alternative on offer when it comes to small cars with all-wheel drive: The Ignis. In this edition of Either OR, we will clarify whether the unconventionally designed small car can prevail against the crowd's favorite. You can also find the detailed duel as a video below in the article.

The format

The editors Patrick Lang and Thomas deliver in either OR format We always gray the purchase advice for two models from the same manufacturer to find out which car is the better for you.

Let's explain quickly first what to expect here. In our “Either OR” format, the two editors Patrick Lang and Thomas Grau always compare two vehicles from the same manufacturer. We do not collect any measurement data or test according to the classic auto motor und sport scheme. This is about buying advice and finding out which of the two models is right for you. We take a look at the configurator, check the interior, the exterior and the trunk. In addition, there are of course impressions from driving in terms of clarity, comfort, sportiness, assistance systems and so on. Depending on which criteria can be applied to the respective vehicles.

Equipment fireworks for 2,070 euros

As far as the Jimny is concerned, the description of the test vehicle equipment is dealt with quickly. The base priceis 17,915 euros, our car costs 20,315 euros and is almost a full hut. Why is the difference to the basic price so small? Well, there are not many options, because the standard equipment is already very extensive. There are two trim levels - Comfort and Comfort +. The latter comes with automatic air conditioning, alloy wheels, LED headlights, a navigation system with smartphone connection, DAB radio, tinted windows and heated exterior mirrors. For an additional price of 2,070 euros! The recommendation should be clear. By the way, there aren't many engines either - to be precise: there is only one. 1.5 liter displacement, 130 Newton meters of maximum torque and 102 hp are in the four-cylinder gasoline engine.

The ergonomics in the cockpit are good - all elements are easily accessible, the instruments can be read clearly and none of them Ads seems overloaded. That really would not have suited this robust fellow. That the Jimny is just such is particularly noticeable when driving on normal roads. With every switching process, you become aware of the interlocking gears under the cladding. In diplomatic terms, the ride comfort is limited by ladder frames and rigid axles. Much insulation material was not installed, so that noises from the engine compartment and the environment find their way into the interior of the all-wheel drive to a large extent.

Faster thanks to the weight advantage

The Ignis is a bit more comfortable there on the way, not so rough. But faster - despite the lower output of 90 hp, it takes the Jimny (12.8 seconds) a good two seconds from zero to one hundred. This is of course due to the weight, because the Ignis weighs a little less than a ton, with the opponent it is 1.2. Four cylinders also work in the Ignis, which we as Allgrip with all-wheel drive are examining at a test car price of 18,440 euros. It starts here at 12,740 euros.

The fact that the Ignis is more practical cannot be denied. Four doors, significantly more load volume (204 liters compared to 85 liters), plus a sliding back seat. In addition, the loading sill is lower and there is more design freedom for the interior and exterior accents. There is no clearly defined braking point for this, you have the feeling of wading in quicksand. Not that braking was Jimny's favorite discipline. But you can work with the Ignis manual transmission. You can find out who can convince in the sum of their properties in the complete episode Either OR.


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