PPH-Golf R600: This Golf creates a speed of 310

Markus Stier
PPH-Golf R600
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W should he know better about lowering than Marko Börner? The 28-year-old is a tunnel builder. But even as such, you sometimes want to aim high. He is currently digging through Swiss mountains for pumped storage power plants. The GTI fan also had lofty plans with his Golf 6. After the purchase, the four-door model in black metallic wandered to the Allgäu in no time, where a chip was implanted into it, with which a solid 320 PS was realized on the roller dynamometer display /p>

But unfortunately you get used to enjoyments very quickly and then you have to increase the dose. Fatally, tuner PPH Motoring from Lütjensee near Hamburg launched a conversion program for Gölfe, in which it accommodates the entire drive train of an Audi RS3 Quattro. The 4-motion drive is already there in the Golf, all that remains is to accommodate the Audi five-cylinder with 7-speed DSG gearbox in the VW. The in-line engine itself is not the problem; the peripherals in particular are tricky, for example the location of the intercooler. 'The Golf has a completely different front,' says head tuner Ole Ebner.

R600 conversion to 600 PS Golf from 25,000 euros

But the man from the north doesn't make it only space in the engine compartment, but also in the engine itself. The maximum expansion stage that it has to offer puts 600 hp on the crankshaft thanks to the larger charger and modified control unit, and that's officially called the Golf R600. Ebner used this method to put Germany's most powerful RS3 on its wheels, now the Golf can do the same. First, the tuner is looking for suitable accident Audis to eviscerate, then implanting the Quattro including the roaring five-cylinder can start from 25,000 euros for the kit.

The project closes an open wound. With the Golf model series five and six the VR6 was crushed, since then only four-cylinder have come from Wolfsburg. 'This here in the R600 is a real man's engine,' says Ebner. And so that the five cylinders really come into their own, he himself developed a sports exhaust system with a 75 millimeter flap.

With the help of an electronics partner, Ebner has worked on ABS and ESP control for months and swears that everything works fine. But better safe than sorry. He had the top speed locked to 310 km /h. The RS3 had already accomplished 330 things. But what is much more interesting than top speed is acceleration. 'Depending on the weather, we can do itR600 gets zero to 100 in 3.2 to 3.9 seconds, 'swears Ebner.

Golf R600 with brakes from Audi RS6 and R8

Without the large-scale PPH stickers, the the proud owner takes a walk on the flanks, only the wheels indicate the massive upgrade of the Golf. The 235 millimeter wide 19-inch model with 35 millimeter flat flanks reveals the mighty ceramic brakes. The front ones come from the Audi RS6 , the rear from the R8.

The widened and freshly painted fenders of the Golf R600 were the last to be finished. 'I picked it up in Hamburg on Wednesday night, I left on Thursday night,' says Marko Börner As a tunnel builder you work seven days in a row, then you have seven days off, for example, to delve into a GTI engine compartment.

Two-person Golf with 650 hp as a second car

There is still a little work to be done Quilted leather seats are already inside, but the rest of the interior is also to be dressed in black leather with red stitching. In addition, there will soon be the new Tojo semislicks on extra-light, forged OZ aluminum wheels in the final expansion stage. Otherwise, neither the inside nor the outside is planned in terms of appearance. The black Quattro Golf is to become a monument of understatement. In the R600, without looking under the bonnet, only the gear indicator announces the complex technology when the seven lights up. The connoisseur knows that the normal Golf only has six gear steps with the DSG transmission.

And how do you deal with a brutal 600 hp? 'Oh,' says Börner, 'I'm used to that. I still have a two-person Golf with 650 hp.' Wait, that's hard to understand now. Why go backwards with the R600? 'It's all about the set-up. I know a lot of strong cars, but this is the best I've ever driven.' Yes, but when it comes to performance, don't you worry about durability? Börner waves him off: 'Hardly. I drive a lot in Switzerland.'


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