Pogea Racing Ares: Abarth 500 with 404 hp

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F ans of the Fiat 500 and also its brother Abarth can be found at Tuner Pogea Racing has a wide range that becomes even wider with the Ares - literally. Because the Ares based on an Abarth 500 comes with a wide body kit made of carbon.

Pogea replaces the front apron, rear apron and bonnet with in-house developments and supplements the carbon fiber body modifications with mirror caps and rear and roof spoilers made of the same lightweight material. The most striking feature of the visible changes are the fenders on the front and rear axles, which have grown by 48 millimeters. Under the thick fender cheeks, Pogea presses 18-inch alloy rims that are fitted with 215/35 sports tires. Track plates with 20 mm on the front axle and 30 mm at the rear set the wheels perfectly in scene. The large rims create space for a large braking system. On the front axle, 322 mm discs are mounted in combination with six-piston calipers.

The chassis is based on KW components, is fully adjustable and supported by a front strut brace and an additional stabilizer on the rear axle.

404 PS from 1.4 liter displacement

The heart of the conversion is the performance-enhanced engine. The starting point is the 135 hp 1.4-liter four-cylinder from the Abarth 500. No component is left untouched. The modifications range from a larger charger, an optimized head, new connecting rods to a new exhaust system with flap control and a completely new cooling concept. In total, the changes result in 404 hp and a maximum torque of 445 Nm. This is passed on to a heavily modified 5-speed gearbox with a limited-slip differential. In the best case, the Pogea Ares should spurt 4.7 seconds to 100 km. The top speed should be reached at an incredible 288 km /h.

In the cockpit, the pilot can look forward to half-shell seats, an instrument cluster with TFT screen and lots of leather or Alcantara. A high-end multimedia system pampers the ears, if you want to hear more than just the exhaust sound.

Pogea Racing can pay for the Ares, of which only 5 copies are to be built and only as The manual switch is available for 58,950 euros - a basic Abarth is already included, but not the tax. If you only want the power motor, you can get it from 21,000 euros. The body kit can also be purchased separately. The is eligible for approvalAres, however, only delivers up to 335 hp.


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