Peugeot 206 used car check

It has survived 18 years and three previous owners, has a few small scratches and should only cost 500 euros. Is such a used Peugeot 206 a bottomless pit - or maybe even a bargain tip? Let's ask our used car checker Meister Wünsch.

What a rare guest," exclaims Meister Wünsch when he sees the Peugeot 206. "You don't see the little lion that often anymore - and it was built almost eight million times." Look, the master has it prepared thoroughly." Just a little, the 206 was popular with our customers - so we often had it as guests in the workshop." So bad?

"Let's put it this way, after the simple and successful 205, the 206 came along a few teething troubles on the market. That was just before the turn of the millennium. I still remember that, especially in 1999, some 206s stranded with us with electronic problems. A lit engine warning light often forced the driver into the pits; however, there were usually no serious errors hidden behind them. It was not uncommon for some sensor to sound the overly cautious alarm and send the car into emergency mode. Or the immobilizer prevented the owner of the 206 from starting because the transponder chip had come loose from the ignition key. Everything happened at first." Master Wünsch takes a short break to rule out the problem with the immobilizer on our test candidate from 2003.

The following applies to the 206 purchase: Check the electronics!

We use the time and control a few experiences from various Internet forums. When it comes to electronic breakdowns, there are still reports of sporadic problems with the electric windows, the remote control and the radio. Some funny stories are told around it, for example how the radio kept playing at full volume in a 206. Usually exactly when the small car was waiting in the parking garage or at the gas station for its owner - who always suspected a prank from his colleagues behind it.Master Wünsch beams when the 1.4 petrol engine starts. he calls out and adds: “Peugeot had the electronics under control very well from 2001.” Then he pushes open the passenger door from the inside and asks: "Shall we start a test drive right away?" Less than ten minutes later he knows roughly how the 206 is doing.

"The clutch doesn't have much life left, a rear wheel bearing makes slight noises, the exhaust has a hole somewhere, and the front axle brakes definitely need a few full stops. But there's also good news: the electronics do the job no glitches, the engine hangs cleanly on the gas, the suspension looks like new, the steering has no play, the windshield no stone chips, the seats no holes, the service booklet hardly any gaps.In short: for its 18 years, the Peugeot is not in such a bad shape - and with a little affection it should easily give you another five years of pleasure. And in terms of economy overtake so many young cars."

Using cars for a long time is environmentally friendly

A second plus point of a used 206 - it only costs 500 euros in this condition. Of course, its bodywork has a few dents and scratches his headlights are no longer quite as clear glass. But here, too, you can help yourself for little money - or get help. Master Wünsch estimates the upcoming repairs to the mechanics at around 1,000 euros, since the parts prices are comparatively low. This is important with someone like this old car, that the rust is not already gnawing on the load-bearing parts of the body. Then it usually gets expensive.

"Let's check it right away," assures our checker. While he drives the dwarf onto the lifting platform, we dig up another topic from the Kummer forums: Transmission damage. Numerous owners tell of erratic gears - and later diagnosed damage to gears. Most of the time the problem has gone away m announced with a light singsong at slow speed, which later turned into loud grinding. The repairs were rarely cheap, "which is in the nature of things," explains Master Wünsch. "The gearbox has to be removed, cleaned and disassembled. That takes a lot of working time. However, if only the gears are difficult to engage, the shift linkage can also be to blame. A few clever members of the im Forum also informed: For cost and cooling reasons, there was no shielding plate on the inside of the wheel - with the result that penetrating dirt promotes the formation of rust on the discs. explains Master Wünsch, who initially had hoped that a few hard stops would get the discs clean again.By the way, the toothed belt of the 1.4 petrol engine (120,000 km) also needs to be replaced regularly

And, Master Wünsch, can you be happy with a 206? "Ouch f definitely!"


Such a used Peugeot 206 is your type if you are looking for a small car that has been tried and tested millions of times. And one that actually still comes from this class. A used 206 is ideal for the city, as a first or second car. The following applies to the purchase: Before the year of construction 2001, the electronics can be annoying, after that Peugeot had the teething problems under control. Since the prices for the 206 are now in the basement, you should laugh at a garage car with a complete checkbook. Even if this is a few hundred euros more expensive than the very cheap lantern parker.


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