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Opel Adam S driving report: Out and about in Opel's new mini sports car

Opel Adam S in the driving report
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GM boss Marry Barra recently praised the German subsidiary with the words:“ The brand O pel is risen again and has a great future. ”Reasons for the recognition can be found primarily in the current sales figures of the Rüsselsheim-based company. After a long descent, the mountain is finally up again. The models responsible for this clearly include the cute Opel Adam, which roll off the production line in Eisenach. Introduced in 2013, the little speedster has already sold over 125,000 times across Europe. No comparison to Mini - BMW sold a good 300,000 units of the cult small car in 2014 alone, but now has a whole family of models.

There should be Adam too. The youngest member is available from February. It goes by the name Opel Adam S You read that right, at the end there is an S and not OPC. After all, the fastest Adam only has 150 hp and 220 Nm of torque, which is 60 less each than the last version of the Corsa OPC.

Opel Adam S is greedy for the gas

It is fun to drive That doesn’t stop: At the latest on the way over the mountainous country roads around Lisbon, even the last skeptic will realize that “S” is enough for Adam. The powerful 1.4 liter turbo hangs greedily on the gas and lets the Opel Adam S easily sweep through the mountainous landscape. The precise and short-stepped six-speed gearbox goes well with it. The Adam S should do the standard sprint from 0 to 100 km /h in 8.5 seconds. The top speed is 210 km /h. Driving performance costs: With a combined consumption of 5.9 liters of Super, the Adam is not a saver.

The sporty Adam earned the nickname S not only with its engine and transmission. The Opel engineers have also fine-tuned the sportiness. The Opel Adam S comes with a performance sports suspension with stiffer spring elements, a stiffer rear axle and more precise steering.

The big one is striking Spoiler at the rear

Without any OPC, they probably didn't want to send it out onto the road and gave the Opel Adam S the brakes from the Corsa OPC at the frontwith 308 millimeter, internally ventilated discs with stylish red brake calipers. The most striking innovation, however, is undoubtedly the large wing on the rear of little Adam. It provides more downforce on the rear axle and gives the Adam S sufficient grip even in fast corners.

The Opel Adam S is standard on 17 inch wheels, but even with the tested 18 inch wheels for 650 euros extra the Adam S still has enough comfort reserves to smooth bumpy roads. The Recaro sports seats are also comfortable. They offer excellent lateral support and are available for 1,300 euros in a fabric-synthetic leather combination or for 2,000 euros in black leather including heated seats and steering wheels. In addition, the Adam offers a number of other options. However, the essentials such as automatic air conditioning, cruise control, daytime running lights and CD radio with Bluetooth are standard, so that the base price of 18,690 when buying does not necessarily go a long way.


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