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Opel Adam in the driving report: Much individual and little wrong

Wolfgang Groeger-Meier
Opel Adam in the driving report
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V Maybe we have been wrong about private transport so far Understood. At least in the case of the Fiat 500 and Mini, it was always more about customizing than driving. From January this will also apply to Adam. It's called Opel at the front, speaks Ädäm at the back, brings Internet configurators to the limit of the crash and keeps customers who are unwilling to make decisions up all night long. Seven pages of the price list alone describe wheels, paintwork, contrasting roof colors, stickers, cockpit decorations, exterior mirror designs and other bells and whistles such as the only LED-illuminated roof lining on this side of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé.

Opel Adam with affordable customization options

The glitter costs an affordable 280 euros, because Opel is pricing in the temptation of individualization in comparison to the competition. Like the whole Opel Adam - it starts at 11,500 euros for the barren base. Better to spend 1,900 euros more on the jam, the air conditioning, CD radio, bluetooth, aluminum wheels and a bit of Chichi. More glitter brings glam (from 14,090 euros), sport flair the slam (from 14,290 euros).

In addition to personalization, infotainment is particularly important, says Opel and proudly presents the Intellilink system. This means that many functions of a smartphone can be used on the seven-inch touchscreen of the Opel Get Adam - so watch videos or pictures, music streams via Bluetooth or internet radio. Oh yes, phone calls also work. Anyone who invests around 40 euros extra in addition to the 300 euros for Intellilink can load a navigation function as an application that works via mobile phone and is displayed on the monitor.

Only around 35 kg lighter than the Corsa

The external news turns over Opel on familiar technology; under the Opel Adam are the drive and chassis of the Corsa. The wheelbase, which has been shortened by 20 centimeters, naturally affects the space available. The driver and passenger are comfortably accommodated, but behind them the car ends quite abruptly. This leaves only space for a narrow rear seat and 170 to 663 liters of trunk space.

The weight separates the OpelAdam only around 35 kg from the 30 centimeter longer Corsa. So no noticeable relief for the 1.4-liter engine with 87 hp. Most customers will choose it, at least until the late summer of 2013 the diesel and mid-2014 three-cylinder turbo gasoline engines. But even the conventional 1400 brings the two-door model swiftly into motion; the short gear ratio of the precise five-speed gearbox covers up the lack of torque.

Opel Adam offers safe driving behavior

The Opel Adam scurries spiritedly through the city, but it drones on the autobahn because of the naturally aspirated engine tours at 130 km /h at almost 4,000 rpm. The Adam offers almost the long-distance travel talent of the Corsa with safe driving behavior, comfortable seats and even with sports suspension (standard from 17 inch wheels). Like that, it can convince even more than with handling through handiness - despite the generous width of 1.72 meters for the class (Fiat 500: 1.63 meters).

For example, the low-feedback steering has a smooth city curve for the electrical assistance. It also enables the Opel Adam to steer into parking spaces independently (in the package with lane change assistant for 580 euros). Looks like you could do a lot of individual things and a little wrong with Adam.


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