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Opel Adam in the driving report: Eva can create Adam as she wants

Hardy Mutschler
Opel Adam in the driving report
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In June 1988 lifestyle was simple. At that time it was enough to drape Stefanie Maria Graf on the bonnet of a tennis sock-white Corsa A, to glue a pixelated decoration on the flank (i.e. the Corsa) and then as O pel Corsa Steffi Special for sale . Today, Aunt Corsa is no longer enough to be at the forefront in terms of style. The small car provides the undergarments for the Opel Adam.

It takes over the drive, chassis and also the somewhat cozy nature of its big brother. 30 centimeters less length and the wheelbase shortened by 20 centimeters reduce the loading compartment and rear seat space considerably, but the weight only by around 35 kilos. So hardly any relief for the 1.4-liter four-cylinder with 87 hp, which the short-stage five-speed gearbox helps over its lack of torque. So the Opel Adam energetically pulls itself off Stop the traffic lights and speed through the city in a spirited manner, but it comes to a roar on the motorway. Even at the recommended speed, the vacuum cleaner tours at just under 4,000 rpm.

Long-distance potential as the only limitation

It remains that The only restriction in the long-distance potential of the Opel Adam, the pilot and co unrestrictedly placed on comfortable seats. Even with the sports suspension (standard from 17-inch wheels) and despite the tight wheelbase, it offers good suspension comfort for its class. Opel itself also considers it particularly gifted for dynamism.

Well, that shows the difference between handling and handiness again. Yes, the Opel Adam bustles in spite of it Width of 1.72 meters (Fiat 500: 1.63 meters) easy and manoeuvrable through the city, can be cranked with one finger into parking spaces with the switchable and particularly smooth city characteristic of its electric power steering. But their little feedback is annoying on country tours that are a little more committed. In curves, the Adam pushes the front wheels to the edge of the curve with its front wheels, being braked early on by the rigid ESP. Everything is well coordinated and suitable for the target group of novice drivers and infrequent drivers, but more as safe than a littleAs challenging as the Mini.

This works better with the inexpensive, easy-to-use infotainment, the attractive prices and the enormous potential for customization. Opel calculated almost a million different ways to assemble the Opel Adam. There were just six of the Corsa Steffi Special.

Opel Adam on a city tour in Lisbon

A first look, and there is no doubt: this Opel Adam is definitely a charmer. A guy who stands out, with good contours. Not big, but well built. He's standing in the street as if he's been waiting for me, and his cheeky grin gives me hope. It's autumn in Lisbon, a mild wind is blowing, it smells of sardines and jacaranda. Time to explore the city together. A chic little city runabout from Opel? So far, the brand has mainly stood for functional solidity. That should change now. The company is getting ready to move into the lifestyle model segment. But how attractive does it appear to modern women? Lisbon seems to be made for the search for answers: a pulsating city with an inimitable casual elegance, a splendid Mediterranean metropolis and a center for young creativity.

The traffic on the Praça Luis de Camões slows down; we push our Opel Adam through the crowd to the apricot-colored facade of the Barrio Alto Hotel. There we meet the first Eve of that day. Maria Machado stands next to a liveried concierge and says: “We just talked about the car.” Maria knows her way around questions of style; she is responsible for guest relations in the noble boutique hotel and approaches the car on stiletto heels. Its slim silhouette is reflected in the curved bonnet with the distinctive bend in the middle. It allows the compact shape to take effect, the contrast between the fire-red lower part and the black roof, the decorative clips on the rims, the crisp rear. “Pretty cool and sporty,” says Maria. “I like it a lot, especially the two-tone paintwork. And with its size it is ideal for Lisbon. ”

Opel Adam with glossy piano lacquer in the interior

Then you gaze through the side window at the glossy piano lacquer in the Opel Adam. 'Come on, I'll show you something.' Then she leads in, through the lobby to the hotel bar. In the middle is a table like a giant starfish with arms reaching out wide - made of piano lacquer. 'Looks great, doesn't it? A designer piece, ”says Maria. 'Only the cleaning lady has a hell of a job with it.'

Adam and I walk along the Tejo, seagulls circling above us. We turn into an extensive network of winding streets. Colorful tiles on dilapidated houses shine everywhere. The afternoon light breaks in the glazed facades. The lemon yellow tram, the famous line 28, is approaching from the left. We follow it up and down for a while. Slight palpitation of the heartarises. Adam is the perfect companion for a few carefree hours. Or maybe more? Near the Praça do Comércio there is a line of fish restaurants and street cafes. Rafaella Duvalli arranges the cutlery on the tables at Taberna Moderna. The Brazilian guest worker steps in front of the bar. When she sees the Opel Adam, she starts to smile. 'Wow', she breathes, 'wonderful.'

31 wheel variants and decorative rim clips in six tones

There are twelve colors, plus three roof finishes, with 31 wheel variants and decorative rim clips in six tones. So every Eve can create her own personal Adam. Rafaella doesn't care, she has already succumbed to seduction. She sinks down on the seat, strokes the fabric on the trendy, flashing console with her fingertips, her eyes feel over the leather steering wheel, the decorative stitching and chrome strips. She tilts her head back to see the checkerboard pattern on the headliner. “If I had a car like that,” she sighs, “I would drive it every day.” Say, Rafaella, what is your biggest dream in life? “Sonho de Vida,” she repeats in amazement. Shrug. Then she gets restless, she has to go again. As she walks, she turns her head, looks after the Opel Adam one last time.

We make our way down to the water. Modernity has moved into the LX Factory site near the port, a disused industrial complex. Architectural offices, cafes and galleries have opened in former warehouses and production halls. The lighting designer Barbara Rodriguez looks up from her desk when the Opel Adam jumps over the cobblestones in front of the window of her office. She walks to the door and shouts: “I'm really into cars! Let me see. ”Barbara walks down the Opel Adam lengthways. “He's cute, but well made,” she says, “I like him.” Whether such a little Adam offers enough space? This Eva cannot be easily blinded. She opens the door and peers inside. “That's a lot of space - so that this is such a small car.” The important points are quickly ticked off: The driver's seat is comfortable, the legroom fits, the steering wheel can be fixed at exactly the right height. A city car like this would be practical, thinks Barbara, with her van she will not find a parking space anywhere on the factory premises. 'So I take the train most days to get to work.'

Adam takes me up to the upper town one more time. We haven't staked out a route, we're drifting. A section of the city spreads out in front of the Miradouro do Torel, red tile roofs, black and white mosaics on the squares. It's getting late, we'll soon have to say goodbye. But not now. Now there is only this moment, with Opel Adam and the view of Lisbon, in the quiet of the evening.


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