Opel Adam 1.4 in the test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Opel Adam 1.4 tested
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Many of the think tanks at Mini have wanted to copy without ever having achieved it. But one of them seems to have made it now - this suspicion arises at least when studying the O pel Adam product catalog.

Not enough that the 3.70 meter long hopefuls have their interior space Ambient-illuminated by color-changing LEDs. If desired, it can also be customized with the variants jam, glam and slam as well as dozens of other packages, colors and elements in a downright trance. The Opel Adam 1.4 is in any case best company with Fiat 500 and Mini, which would have been identified as the toughest competitors. All 2 + 2-seater just below the regular small car class, now calibrated to four meters in length, whose representatives can allow themselves a few juvenile nonsense - and remain reasonably priced.

The Opel comes as a slam Adam 1.4 almost fully equipped

Okay, lifestyle activists with a penchant for a brisk pace should be less interested in the Opel Adam entry-level model (available from 11,500 euros). But at least the others in their 70 PS Adam are filled with 80 watts of sound, steered by speed-dependent servo and spoiled with folding rear seats.

All well and good, but no comparison to our Opel Adam 1.4 Slam. The top model with an 87 hp petrol engine including an automatic start-stop system costs just over 16,000 euros, but it also provides almost full equipment. Or do you need more than automatic air conditioning, audio system plus hands-free system, sports suspension including 17-inch wheels, two-tone paintwork and cruise control?

Well, we can recommend the Intellilink multimedia system for Android and Apple iOS for 300 euros. A fine-resolution touch screen, simple operation and many functions including app-based navigation speak in favor of it. It also relieves all button allergy sufferers from their Opel phobia. In general, foreign brands could ponder whether the Opel Adam 1.4, which is as high-quality as it is lovingly made. It's neither a Korea copy nor a half-cooked stew from theGM shelf. No, an independent model with a fine aroma, without the musty stable odor, if you disregard the somewhat penetrating new car odor.

Adam's interior is well done

So: Congratulations, Opel. Fingers touch a soft, foamed dashboard surface and turn solid controls. In the Opel Adam 1.4, the eye, on the other hand, is delighted by the finely crafted interior with decorative strip, large round instruments with great attention to detail with red-hot pointers - also for the tank content and coolant - as well as details such as the scales on the climate control that illuminate when operated. Hardly anyone combines fun and seriousness as casually as the Opel Adam.

And the Opel Adam 1.4 continues this impression when driving. Opel does not have an explicit modular system like VW, but still uses known platforms for new models. Here it is a newly tuned Corsa chassis that has been shortened by 20 centimeters. Not a bad choice, because the Opel Adam is much more grown-up than the Fiat 500 on its Panda base.

In the front there are two comfortable and airy seats with a neat contour, which are typically a little high, which is typical of small cars. But it gets tight at the back; not only for entry, which despite the easy-entry function demands contortionist qualities. In the two meager seats in the Opel Adam 1.4, you can expect little headroom and moderate legroom. But it is enough for short distances.

There are plenty of shelves available, even 1.5-liter bottles fit in at the front, and there are cupholders at the back. The luggage compartment has the usual 170 liters of standard volume, which can be increased to 484 (up to the top of the front rests) or 663 liters (roof-high) with the rear seat backs folded down.

The electrically assisted steering of the Opel Adam 1.4 works reasonably easily when it is sufficient Feedback, the city mode for even greater support is only needed by the infirm. Even those with normal joints moan when buckling up because they have to finger the belt from the far back B-pillar to the front. After that, the Opel Adam 1.4 makes it all the more smoothly through the hustle and bustle of traffic.

Its 87 hp 1.4-liter petrol engine has to get by without direct injection and turbocharger, but thanks to the short gear ratio, it returns with a lot of torque. Already at 50 km /h, the gearshift indicator of the Eco program wishes the fifth and thus the last gear - the relatively long-stroke four-cylinder accepts it without jerking the engine speed. Only at speeds over 120 km /h does the short gear ratio in the Opel Adam 1.4 start to get in the way, now the engine pushes its way acoustically into the foreground. A slightly longer fourth and fifth gear or - even better - an additional sixth gear could reduce the noise level and consumption of 7.2 L /100 km.

Opel Adam 1.4 with a grown-up driving impression

By the way, the times areLiterally windy small cars that hobble through the area with a clatter of axles. Thanks to proper insulation, wind noise remains largely outside, while the bumpiness on short bumps should be primarily a result of the standard sports suspension and the 17-incher. Broken concrete slab highways also tempt him to poke gently, but hello: We are talking about a shortened Corsa. The Opel Adam 1.4 absorbs long waves without any problems and maintains ground contact on unkempt back roads. Nevertheless, it also lets a shot of espresso flow into the milk foam - purely in terms of handling.

The smooth steering of the Opel Adam 1.4 commands a nimble and calculable self-steering behavior. Neither tumb understeer nor cunningly lurking on a load change spin, the Adam quickly turns in, pulls corners at an appropriate speed. If you spontaneously take your foot off the gas at the apex, you will feel a tendency to twist, but this promotes the willingness to turn rather than the breakout of cold sweat. Especially since the ESP - which cannot be switched off - brakes the 1.1-tonne truck and keeps it in lane.

It is similar on the driving dynamics course, where the Opel Adam 1.4 does its job without any problems. The winter cold is responsible for the consistently low speeds here, which it otherwise copes with with its quickly responding heating and the seats and steering wheel rim that heat at the touch of a button - a warm handshake with its owner, so to speak. In view of the qualities of the new Opel, a few could come together.


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