Opel Adam 1.0 DI Turbo Rocks in the test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Opel Adam 1.0 DI Turbo Rocks in the test
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The early winter sun can be quite seductive. Especially in the Opel A dam Rocks. Because when it shines through the open fabric folding roof, it creates feelings of happiness and small warmth impulses in the face, although the temperatures strongly admonish you to drive closed. The lively two-door is bursting with a thirst for adventure that you just want to have a breath of fresh air around your nose. Unpleasant drafts kindly stay outside.

Small off-roader?

In addition, the small one also suggests externally more proximity to the Nature. With anthracite-colored plastic add-on parts and underrun protection, 15 millimeters more ground clearance and special 17-inch aluminum rims, it makes a mini SUV suitable for off-road use. Without all-wheel drive, the Opel Adam also belongs Rocks better on properly groomed slopes.

Even there, he sometimes struggles with his directional stability. The approximately 1.47 meter wide track and the 2.31 meter short wheelbase take their toll on ruts. The suspension could also be a bit more comfortable, but it goes well with the lively character of the Opel Adam Rocks.

Opel Adam Rocks with 170 Nm at 1,800 rpm

Because its drive does a really good job. The new 1.0-liter three-cylinder pushes forward without twitching and with a lot of pulling power, thanks to good traction, the front wheels always bring the 170 Newton meters of torque to the road. The precise and well-coordinated six-speed gearbox of the small crossover also deserves praise.

Speaking of small: it gets tight on the back seat and in the trunk. The latter is more like a chest, as the 170 liter capacity is almost entirely below the loading edge. The price is rather big instead of small. The folding roof and the tickling of the sun on your face must be worth 2,340 euros extra for the Opel Adam Rocks 1.0 compared to the Adam Jam version.


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