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On the road in the Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI with 110 hp

22 years after its debut, the fourth generation of the Skoda Fabia is being launched, larger, more dynamic, more emotional. On the road with the Fabia 1.0 TSI with 110 hp and DSG.

Whoa, has he grown up. That's the first thought that pops into your head when you see what's new. The Fabia, now based on the MQB-A0 platform, not only looks more mature, it has a longer wheelbase and is longer and wider than the more delicate predecessor model. Its dimensions roughly correspond to those of the Golf IV – the VW Golf that was current in 1999 when the first Fabia was launched at the turn of the millennium. 111 millimeters more exterior length, 94 millimeters more wheelbase, 50 liters more trunk volume, that's a different world in the so-called A0 segment. The fact that the Fabia looks much more mature is not only due to the space and sheer size. The interior also says Golf class. The phoenix orange test car has the finer style equipment, the interior is lined with plastics that are pleasant to the touch, the virtual cockpit and the large infotainment monitor do not look much different than in larger MQB cars.

With a range of four engines, the Fabia is scheduled to start on September 18th. The top engine, the 1.5 TSI with 150 hp, will not be available until the beginning of next year. So they are all three-cylinder petrol engines, and pure combustion engines. There will be no mild hybrids for the time being. The one-liter three-cylinder in our Fabia delivers 110 hp, and a seven-speed DSG takes care of the power transmission. If you didn't know that there are only three cylinders working in the front of the engine, you wouldn't have guessed it. The small Evo engine works quietly and smoothly, is powerful and harmonises smoothly with the dual-clutch transmission. The Skoda only shakes slightly when the automatic start/stop system restarts the engine after stopping at traffic lights. Mild hybrids with starter generators are now more fluffy.,

In under ten seconds to 100 km/h

The engine can perform 200 Nm according to the data sheet, it feels like a few more. In any case, the feeling for more motor does not arise in this Fabia. Even if things need to move faster, the drive train only loses a little of its composure. The engine noise becomes a little more emphatic, the gear changes become more noticeable, that's it. However, the traffic conditions on an afternoon near Gdansk rarely offer the opportunity to press the gas harder. If we could do what we wanted, the Fabia would be at 100 km/h in just under ten seconds, top speed 205. But the bumpy country roads give the Fabia chassis ample opportunities to excel. The chassis elements easily cope with large and small bumps. This also has nothing small car-like anymore. The car looks solid and confidence-inspiring on bumpy terrain. We are already looking forward to the first comparison test.When it comes to suspension comfort, the Fabia should be quite far ahead.

This also applies to the safety equipment. You can include LED lights all around, lots of airbags or Travel Assist with adaptive distance control and lane keeping function, the lane change assistant or the front radar with city emergency brake assistant. This makes it easy to feel at home in the Fabia, and those who are familiar with the operation of the driving and infotainment functions in MQB vehicles will also get along well with the new operating concept. Only for the climate control one wished for real buttons. If, as in the test car, the large Amundsen sat nav is installed, the touchscreen has to be used for air conditioning functions, that works better elsewhere Adults very loose, knee and headroom are also rather generous, which is unusual for this class. We already talked about the 380 liter trunk. A maximum of 1,190 liters fit into the rear of the Fabia. You can even get over the fact that the station wagon version is still a long time coming. How much does a Fabia cost? The 1.0 with 110 hp is available from 19,840 euros (Ambition), the inexpensive 1.0 MPI with 80 hp from 16,240 euros - not too much for such a grown-up small car.,


With the Fabia, Skoda lands a really good hit. In contrast, many a competitor will look old. Drive, comfort and space are top, there is actually only one or the other alternative drive option missing. That can still come.


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