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New Toyota Yaris for the USA: fun, efficient and affordable

New Toyota Yaris (2020) for the USA
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S fun, efficient and inexpensive - this combination almost sounds like a comforting bedtime fairy tale for drivers. One that is read out so that a blissful slumber is possible even in times when new cars cost more than 30,000 euros on average. Toyota sits down in the wing chair as the reader, the story is called 'The New Yaris'. Is she a fairy tale? For the Germans, yes, because the model comes on the US market. As a kind of frog prince, by the way, because this Yaris is not exactly the small car it claims to be. You don't need a kiss on the face to transform, we'll tell you that too. The 'new' Yaris is a relabeled Mazda 2 with hatchback, which has not been offered in the USA until now. The sedan version of the Mazda 2 has been running as the Yaris sedan at Toyota for quite a while.

A large trapezoidal honeycomb grille under a ventilation slot, flanked by LED headlights and garnished with 16-inch aluminum Wheels. The 4.10-meter-long small car is initially full on the road and looks a bit grim. On the other hand, a front collision warning system and the City Emergency Brake Assistant show meekness.

The seven inch touchscreen is standard on board in the new Yaris.

Direct steering and sport mode

65 percent of the body is made of high-strength steels. Toyota expects agile handling from the independent suspension on the front axle and a torsion beam axle at the rear, which is to be enriched by direct steering and crisp brakes. Anyone who still does not believe in the dynamic ambitions of the small car after such an announcement should be convinced with a sport mode that sharpens the response behavior.

What will actually happenaddressed? In this case a 1.5-liter in-line four-cylinder with 106 hp, whose power delivery is portioned by a six-speed CVT transmission as standard. The manufacturer promises an average consumption of 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers. Those who feel more addressed by visible technology can alternatively communicate with a seven-inch touchscreen navigation system in the cockpit. Or he can leave it to the smartphone - whether via Apple Carplay or Android Auto. Toyota offers two equipment variants - in the higher level (XLE) artificial leather, automatic air conditioning, light and rain sensors are introduced.

Will this story have a happy ending? American customers have to find out. Not that anyone has nightmares about small car prices above 30,000 euros.


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