Moke: cult convertible now with electric drive

The British company Moke International is converting the production of the open-top leisure vehicle to a version with an electric drive in 2022. The range should be 120 kilometers. You can order now.

The Moke, also known as the Mini Moke, started its career in the 1960s as a military vehicle based on the classic Austin Mini. However, the all-round open four-seater quickly became a cult leisure vehicle, preferred in regions with lots of sunshine and high temperatures.

In 2018, the Moke celebrated its debut as an electric car in Paris, initiated by a company in France (more on that in the photo show linked in the article above). But it became quiet again about this project. At the end of 2021 there was news from Great Britain, the home of the Moke. The company Moke International, which claims to be the owner of the rights to the brand and vehicle, announced that it would switch production of the small four-seater to electrically powered vehicles from January 2022; the production of cars with internal combustion engines is phased out. The first deliveries of the electric Moke are scheduled for November 2022.

120 kilometers electric range


"Moke's transition to electric drive ensures the appeal of one of Britain's most beloved car brands for many generations to come. We are proud to write a new chapter in one of the most beautiful love stories in British motoring history," says Isobel Dando, CEO of Moke International .

The electric motor on the rear axle of the Moke should provide a maximum output of 33 kW (45 hp) and 130 Nm. With a weight of only 800 kilograms, it is probably completely sufficient, which also applies to the top speed of 80 km/h.

The small series manufacturer does not provide information on the storage capacity of the lithium-ion battery. However, a charging time of four hours via the type 2 connector is specified until the battery is full. Then a range of 120 kilometers is possible. The electric Moke is therefore primarily suitable as a short-distance car for driving to the beach and back to the holiday home or hotel resort.

Prices from around 30,000 euros

In the UK, the Electric Moke is available from 29,150 pounds (around 33,450 euros). A basic price of 23,990 euros is given for France, whereby the current French electric car bonus of 6,000 euros has already been deducted. In the US, the Moke starts at $32,900 plus taxes. The Moke can now be reserved at all markets for a deposit of 990 euros, pounds or dollars. The company's model range also includes left-hand drive variants for export to the European Union and other countries. ,


Locally emission-free in good weather to the restaurant or to the beach: With the electric moke, this should be possible from 2022. However, the small four-seater with an electric drive costs around 30,000 euros.


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