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Mitsubishi eK Wagon and eK X: New giants in the dwarf country

The new giants in the dwarf country
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F Almost every second car in Japan is a kei car. Whether Suzuki, Honda or Mitsubishi - the list of manufacturers is well-known and long. This makes model updates and even new models in the land of the setting sun all the more important. After six years, Mitsubishi Motors is now presenting a model change of the eK Wagon and the brand new eK X. The two brothers, developed in collaboration with Nissan Motor, are available with either two-wheel or four-wheel drive. The price list starts at 10,450 euros.

There is no need to ponder the dimensions of a kei car, as the engineers only work within an imaginary box with an edge length of 3.39 x 1.47 x 1.99 Meters to let off steam. So it is hardly surprising that the new Mitsubishis are 3.39 meters long, 1.47 meters wide and, depending on the variant, 1.64 or 1.66 meters high. The same applies to the engines, which can have a maximum displacement of 660 cubic centimeters. The two eK Wagon and eK X have 659 cubic centimeters. The turning circle is between nine and 9.5 meters, the fuel consumption 4.7 to six liters per 100 kilometers. The tank holds 27 liters and the ground clearance is 15.5 centimeters.

Space like that of a sedan

The eK Wagon gets 52 hp from the 0.6 liters, the eK X bis out to 64 hp. It does this with the help of a hybrid drive, which converts the energy previously recovered when braking into increased power and an additional 40 Newton meters when accelerating. Up to 100 Newton meters of torque are available to the 64 hp eK X. With a weight of 830 to 920 kilograms, the performance is completely sufficient. Especially since a maximum of four people are allowed to sit in a kei car.

Thanks to the generously dimensioned wheelbase of 2.50 meters, the two rear passengers do not have to worry about a lack of space. Compared to its predecessor, the wheelbase has been increased by 6.5 centimeters and legroom by seven centimeters. The rear seat can also be moved forwards or backwards using a handle. At 59 centimeters, the driver's seat is exactly eleven centimeters wider than the front passenger seat. The back seat is 1.10 meters wide. In the event that luggage prevents the view to the rear, an additional innovation is used: an LCD screen integrated in the rearview mirror, on which the recording of the reversing camera is displayed.

Many assistants and even more colors

But this is not the only assistant to the new dwarves. So they come with collision warning, active lane departure warning,High beam assistant, adaptive cruise control and automatic start-stop that switches off the engine at speeds below 13 km /h. Grip Control is available as standard for perfect traction, and Bird View offers a good overview, i.e. all-round visibility via cameras. The Bird View image is now no longer displayed on the seven-inch, but nine-inch infotainment screen on the center console.

The eK Wagon comes in seven exterior colors and a light gray interior. The eK X is available in eleven exterior colors, including five two-tone paint finishes, for an extra charge of 650 euros. The inside of the eK X is black. Blue accents add a touch of sportiness. On request, the Premium Interior Package offers black and brown seats. Mitsubishi plans to sell 4,000 vehicles per month.


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