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Mini John Cooper Works Coupé: First ride with the sporty flat man

Mini John Cooper Works Coupé
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' No other M ini is so agile, 'says mini-boss Kay Segler in a racing suit forced while he tears his racing helmet off his head. No, Segler has not gone under the frenzied car managers à la Ulrich Bez, when the Mini John Cooper Works Coupé is presented, everything is pure show.

So much show around it has Mini Coupé not even necessary for its official presentation, because the roof line of the latest Mini series arouses interest on its own. According to Mini, the shape is supposed to represent a baseball cap put on upside down.

Mini two-seater in JCW trim

The Mini JCW is cheeky and cheeky Coupé with the 1.6-liter in-line four-cylinder with 211 hp that is already known from the other variants. Here, however, the turbo engine screams even more powerfully under load from 4,500 rpm than with its brothers. Otherwise, the driving experience in the Coupé is similar to the previous JCW derivatives: Tight chassis, crisp steering behavior and a rear that responds with pleasurable lunge steps when DSC is switched off and conscious load change stimuli. This is what driving fun with a front-wheel drive looks like.

Sports fans are still looking in vain for a mechanical limited-slip differential; accordingly, the Mini John Cooper Works Coupé searches for grip when the driving aids are deactivated, sometimes with the front wheel spinning. And there is one more thing that will not really appeal to those who are greedy for curves. The two-seater weighs around 35 kilos more than the normal four-seater because of its stiffened construction, which is also the basis for the upcoming roadster variant. 'With the small number of units, a different floor assembly makes no sense, but the slight extra weight is not a disadvantage in terms of dynamics,' says Gerd Schuster, Head of Mini Development. Look what the test shows.


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