Mini JCW Clubman Facelift in the test

Rossen Gargolov
Mini JCW Clubman facelift under test
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E in The mini has always been an eye-catcher. No matter whether as a coupé, convertible or Clubman - hardly any other small car comes as fresh, cheeky and trendy as the German-Briton.

Spiced with a good portion of retro cult and perfectly tailored to the needs of the young or adapted to the young-at-heart lifestyle clientele - countless customization options are also on offer, as is the problem-free connection of modern entertainment media such as iPhone or iPod along with Twitter, Facebook and other types of access via Mini Connected - what the British give us from Oxford serve up, an extremely tasty, ageless and almost classless, although not really cheap dish. The Mini JCW Clubman, which has long since been much more format than the name would lead you to believe, is not available for little money.

Mini JCW Clubman is anything but cheap

In particular, the sporty John Cooper Works models hit the office with money. Entry into the Mini JCW Clubman is possible from 30,700 euros. The two-and-a-half-door front-wheel drive car is not as chic as the gray-red test car. Navi, sound system with iPod connection, leather and the individual design of the still 211 hp top model naturally cost extra. The bottom line is that the test car is priced at 38,360 euros - not a sticky stick for a small car.

Be that as it may: Those who like the Mini and want or need the Clubman because they don't always and everywhere alone or in pairs and without luggage and Bigger purchases are on the way, will love the Mini JCW Clubman, as it has been since the facelift.

In contrast to the other models in the series, nothing has changed in terms of engine performance compared to the Predecessor explained almost identical measured values ​​on the Hockenheim straight. The feeling of well-being in the cockpit of the Mini JCW Clubman is even greater. Although the seating remained unchanged, the gaze of the driver, who wandered around with pleasure, now encounters instrument units and control panels that appear to be of different quality. The plastic-and-elastane appearance that bothered aesthetes in the sport auto endurance test Clubman is no longer an issue in the face-lifted JCW.

Sure - the central speedometer is still there oversized, you have to like that. The very smart one, reminiscent of the movements of the air bubble in a spirit levelHowever, the pointer guidance of the speed pointer is a delight every day. The same applies to the graphically excellently prepared navigation system in the Mini JCW Clubman, which can be operated intuitively using the iDrive button. Greetings from BMW quality.

The lively Clubman is still a number of its own

The leather steering wheel, with stitching in a contrasting color, is so good in the hand that you can hardly let go of it like, the round hand flatterer from the gear knob as well. Despite its small 1.6-liter turbo engine, the Mini JCW Clubman itself has a pleasantly good voice and is always ready to nibble on one or the other much larger and stronger opponent on brisk cross-country trips on the orders of the driver. In the city, the Clubman, which is almost four meters long and has a significantly longer wheelbase than the two-door, is still a number of its own.

The modified front apron with the distinctive chrome-framed air inlets to the right of the lower grille helps When it comes to overtaking prestige (ignorant people unfortunately still don't take the power dwarf on the autobahn seriously), the Mini JCW Clubman looks great. The same applies to the oval cooling air outlet at the rear, which is also decorated with chrome.

Compared to the eggshell-colored long-term test Clubman, the facelift model also impressed with a much greater concilience compared to overly rough bumps and asphalt heels. Freeway overflights at almost 240 km /h on board the gray-red four-seater no longer left the palms of the hands wet with sweat. The suspension and roll comfort of the Mini JCW Clubman was noticeably higher.

The reason for this is quickly identified: Since sport auto has a constant motto 'be tough on yourself and others' , we had once ordered the endurance test car in favor of the best possible racetrack performance with the sporty chassis set-up; which logically brought with it a loss of everyday driving comfort.

The beautifully made current Mini JCW Clubman now competed without this hardcore extra and spoiled the occupants with much more sociability as a result. The bloodcurdling rumble of the front axle, which was sometimes recorded in the endurance test Mini, gave no cause for criticism with the facelift JCW. But the performance in the dynamic driving disciplines of slalom and lap time hunted.

Six tenths slower than its predecessor in Hockenheim

On the small course in Hockenheim, the new one was exactly six tenths of a second slower than the old Mini with a lap time of 1.20.2 minutes; in the slalom, the prettied Clubman lacks an average speed of exactly one km /h. It is not difficult to feel where this comes from: The Mini JCW Clubman literally gives the front shovel when equipped. Due to significant traction problems, the Mini pushes without a sports suspensionin curves under load almost without a break. How should it not - in terms of performance and without a mechanical limited-slip differential.


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