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Mini deletes diesel: convertible, 3- and 5-door from June only as Otto

Mini convertible, 3- and 5-door models from June without diesel
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B ei mini convertible, 3- and 5-door models, diesels are out of the range. From June, the brand's smaller models will only be available as petrol. There are two reasons for this: more effort for certification according to Euro 6d Temp and the lack of installation space for the necessary exhaust technology.

Mini convertible, 3- and 5-door: no more diesel

Mini explained on request: 'With the new emission requirements, the effort for type tests has increased enormously.' Therefore, the number of variants would be reduced. At the same time, diesels, even in small cars, generally need SCR catalytic converters and Adblue tanks in order to comply with the limit values ​​when taking measurements in road traffic. The technology needs space: “This is not the case with the MINI 3-door, 5-door and convertible models,” explains a BMW spokesman. The diesel share of the affected models in the EU markets was recently between 8.8% for the convertible and 21.1% for the mini five-door. In Germany, the diesel share in 2018 was between 4% for the convertible and 13% for the 5-door. The 3-door car had an 8% diesel share in Germany in 2018. In the previous year, the shares for convertibles, 3 and 5-door cars were 7%, 11% and 17.8% respectively - demand has fallen.

Countryman and Clubman from July with EU 6d

Countryman and Clubman have the place for SCR and Adblue; These models have met the Euro 6d Temp emissions standard since March 2018. The petrol versions of the convertible, 3 and 5-door models have had Euro 6dTemp approval since July 2018. From July 2019, Mini One D Clubman and One D Countryman will be the first mini models to meet the Euro 6d emissions standard.

Euro 6d: stricter limits, more effort

Mini has to be like other manufacturers Also, convert current models to two new levels of the Euro 6 emissions standard. Major innovation: The measurement of exhaust gases in real road traffic. Among other things, test drives in road traffic are necessary in which the Real Drive Emissions (RDE) are determined. Because of this increased effort, some manufacturers are canceling variants. From September 2019, the Euro 6d Temp emissions standard will be binding for all new registrations. From January 2020, with Euro 6d, the conformity factor for road measurements will drop from 2.1 to 1.5; the nitrogen oxide limit is then 120 instead of 168 milligrams per kilometer.


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