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Mini Cooper JCW in the driving report: British bully becomes serious

Mini Cooper John Cooper Works in the driving report
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S The JCW models have always been the top types of the mini hierarchy. This is also the case with the new John Cooper Works, which, like its predecessor, is based on the respective Cooper S. That now means: two-liter four-cylinder of the new generation with direct injection, Valvetronic and turbocharging. A special turbocharger and pistons for slightly reduced compression lift it to 231 hp, the torque rises to 320 Newton meters.

Mini JCW in 6.1 seconds to 100 km

For better cooling The Mini John Cooper Works also has a redesigned front, larger air inlets promote cooling of the engine and brakes, and a roof spoiler reduces lift. Not a bad plan, as the 1.2-tonne two-door car starts, stable brakes - here enlarged examples from Brembo - can't do any harm. With automatic, the 246 km /h Mini JCW sprints to 100 in 6.1 seconds, faster than with manual transmission. The six-speed automatic converter is also impressive in other ways. He changes the levels gently, quickly and depending on the situation, accompanied by the deep rumble and pounding from the sports exhaust. In general, the two-liter pushes mature, sounds authentically bassy, ‚Äč‚Äčnever like sound synthetic.

Direct steering and strong acceleration

On the other hand, they cut off the tips during handling and drove out the wild and the load-changing elements. The electromechanical steering works well, precisely and homogeneously, hardly passes on disruptive influences, and helps with the stress-free use of the service. Just like the slightly modified chassis, which offers the necessary firmness, but spares the occupants embedded in strong sports seats from excessively severe rigidity. Helpful: the elaborate base with aluminum swivel bearings at the front and multi-link rear axle. In conjunction with the finely tuned auxiliary electronics, the Mini John Cooper Works, equipped with standard 17-inch models, accelerates with little slip out of bends and easily maintains the desired line even under heavy loads and at high speeds.

Switchable drive programs, multi-stage driving dynamics electronics and dampers with two switchable characteristics are also part of the range, as is an assistant armada including a head-up display, camera-based adaptive cruise control and collision and pedestrian warning with braking function and LED headlights. The Mini John Cooper Works is a strong guy for adults - but not cheap, the fun starts at 29,900Euros.


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