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Mazda 2 Facelift: more efficient into the new model year

With a different combustion process, the four-cylinder petrol engine should become more economical. In addition, the 2022 model year brings the Mazda 2 a new special version.

The information that the next Mazda 2 will be based on the Toyota Yaris has long had the status of an open secret. However, the current generation still has to hold out for a few months before this model change takes place. So that it remains of some interest to customers, the Japanese have put their hands on their little one again - especially with the drive technology.

Mazda continues to offer its 2 series with one engine, but now in three power levels. The 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine delivers either 75, 90 or more recently 115 hp and is supported in the two more powerful versions by a mild hybrid system consisting of a belt-driven 22.5-volt starter generator and a capacitor as electricity storage. With all engines, power is transmitted via a six-speed manual gearbox. Alternatively, a six-speed automatic can be ordered for the medium performance level.

More spin, less consumption

The technical innovation in the Mazda 2 engine is a new combustion process called "Diagonal Vortex Combustion". The intake air in the cylinder is caused to flow diagonally during the injection process. This is to optimize the ratio of fuel to air in the combustion mixture. Because the compression increases from 14.0:1 to 15.0:1 at the same time, this should result in lower fuel consumption with the same performance. Across all performance levels, the reduction in consumption and emissions should average 6.8 percent. Mazda gives exemplary values ​​for the 90 hp version: The WLTP consumption drops from 5.3 to 4.7 liters, which also reduces the CO2 emissions (from 120 to 107 g/km).

On top of that, the 2022 model year brings the Mazda 2 a new special model. The Homura version, which is based on the middle equipment Center-Line, can be recognized by its black three-legs. These are the double-spoke alloy wheels, door mirror caps, shark fin antenna and rear windows. Inside there are red rings on the air vents and red contrast stitching on the black fabric seats. The equipment that comes as standard here primarily includes electronic assistance systems and the touring package, which includes automatic climate control, seat heating for the driver and front passenger, as well as wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto (via USB connection).

Homura model 5,000 euros more expensive than the base

Mazda dealers are now taking orders for the new 2 Series. Prices start at 14,540 euros for the 75 hp version with Prime Line equipment. If you want the new Mazda 2 Homura, you pay at least 19,410 euros. Deliveries are expected to begin at the turn of the year.


In order to keep the current Mazda 2 fit for the autumn career, the Japanese modernize the petrol engine of their little one and also donate a new special model. Visually, however, nothing changes in the facelift.


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