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Little pick-me-up. Skoda Citigo e iV in the driving report (2019)

Driving report Skoda Citigo e iV (2019)
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Roasted aroma is available in the S koda Citigo iV not, that would be an analogy to somehow World of combustion. The only analogy that the small electric car allows itself is the use of a conventional ignition key, which initially seems strange at first contact. After all, the acoustic background of a starting engine, as is typical for the genre, is not ignited.

If you turn the ignition key, the message 'Ready' appears in the display.

If you think 'You know one, you know everyone', you are at least a little mistaken. What about the electric Citigo from Seat Mii and Is VW Up different? Well, first of all, with a starting price of 20,950 euros, it is around 1,000 euros cheaper than the small e-Volkswagen. The Seat is even cheaper, but also older, because Skoda is also adding a facelift to electrify the small car. This makes the little runabout more networked. For example, charging management can take place via an app so that electricity flows into the battery overnight at the lowest prices. In addition, there is now the obligatory Skoda umbrella - not in the door, but under the passenger seat. However, we are now getting into the driver's seat.

Faster than a GTI

212 Newton meters of torque is an announcement. For comparison: The Golf III GTI did not even achieve this value with 210 Newton meters. Not to mention that 2,000 revolutions were initially required to provide it. The CitigoiV rushes from the spot and immediately one thing becomes clear: this vehicle is ideal as a basis for an electric car. In every curve, in every acceleration and in every braking process, you can feel that the Citigo is a small and light vehicle. Despite the 36.8 kWh battery in the vehicle floor. The E version weighs 1,235 kilos. Sure, that's almost 300 kilos more than a model with a one-liter gasoline engine, but the low center of gravity effectively hides the extra weight. In relation to the small external dimensions, the glass surfaces are large. This helps with all-round visibility and thus when maneuvering.

The Citigo iV's brisk manner really puts you in the mood to whistle around the bends. If the steering were now a bit more direct, with a ticking more hand torque - it would be the crowning pinch of cane sugar in an espresso. However, the feeling at the wheel fits the comfort-oriented chassis. The consumption of around 12.5 kWh on our short exploration round could easily be undercut with more control. The differently adjustable recuperation levels not only eliminate the need for mechanical braking, the range can also be increased to up to 300 kilometers in city traffic. According to the WLTP value, the Citigo iV covers 260 kilometers. As usual, this number melts at constantly higher speeds (up to 130 km /h are possible) like an ice ball in hot coffee.


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