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Kia Picanto, Kia Rio, Kia Venga: Small question of size

Achim Hartmann
Kia Picanto, Kia Rio, Kia Venga
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D as is the third part of our series “Is it worth the climb?” But actually she started with these cars. I stood with the Picanto at the second traffic light after the office and wondered whether one should do that, buy a Picanto or the next larger model for a manageable amount of money, the Rio. The Picanto with the more powerful of the two engines is only available in the top version Spirit. As a four-door model, it costs 13,540 euros. You don't even have to foolishly convert this sum into D-Mark to find that it's quite a lot for a 3.60 meter short car.

Kia Picanto: Its territory is the city

Whereby the Picanto is one of the particularly spacious and full-fledged models of the minicar class. The driver and front passenger only notice that they are sitting a little close together, how small the Picanto is. The seats themselves are comfortably padded. There is enough space for two in the back seat, with enough head and legroom. Immediately afterwards the space miracle ends. The trunk space is enough for 200 liters.

The 1.2 liter four-cylinder starts at the other end of the car. 85 hp sounds like a lot of power for such a small car, but it's not going so fast. Because the clutch - as with Rio and Venga - has no clear grinding point, the Picanto jerks off at high speed. Then the engine pulls homogeneously and powerfully in the city, also because of the short translation of the somewhat droll five-speed transmission - qualities that will soon leave it on the autobahn. It gets booming over 3,000 rpm. Bumpy too, because the tight suspension doesn't cope well with transverse joints. Long stretches are therefore not really refreshing.
It remains to be said that the smallest Kia scurrying through the city more gifted than the country road. There, the smooth steering lacks feedback and precision. You can expect a little more of a lot for 13,540 euros.

Kia Rio appears almost two classes more spacious

1,750 euros further north. As with the Venga, the mid-range equipment variant is roughly the same as hereThe top equipment in the Picanto: six airbags, CD radio, USB, Bluetooth, air conditioning. When switching directly from the Picanto, the Rio appears almost two classes more spacious. At 4.06 meters, it is even a centimeter longer than the first Opel Astra from 1991. In terms of space, it looks almost compact. Pilots and co. Sit deeper, more integrated and more airy. The space in the rear is also considerably better than in the Picanto.

The better thing in the Rio is also reflected in the suspension, which also knocks over short bumps tightly, but handles bumps more carefully overall. It also appears better insulated. Which doesn't change the fact that the Rio drones at high speeds. His performance is also disappointing. He only got 109 hp at 6,300 rpm, and that's a tough, strenuous way to get there. After all, he pulls in front of it homogeneously, the connections of the tightly stepped six-speed box fit. The Rio hardly consumes more than the Picanto, would be the tip as a small family car. But then the little Van Venga turns the corner.

Kia Venga offers the best all-round package

We won't even mention that when we read 'The big book on driving dynamics ' write. But it's a cleverly designed car. For a family with two children, there is enough charge potential even for vacation tours. This is partly due to the generous trunk (314 - 1,486 liters), but above all to the variability. The rear seat, which can be used for three passengers, folds down and can be moved lengthways. Indeed. Because while this is only a theoretical possibility with many small vans, the Venga offers so much knee room in the rear that children can easily do without five or ten centimeters of it if more trunk space is needed.

Mum and Dad meanwhile sit comfortably, loftily and with the best overview. Kia will never say that, but: This makes the Venga a pretty perfect car when mom and dad are grandma and grandpa. With easy-to-use controls, easy entry and smooth steering for easy parking. It bounces a little bit hard over short bumps, and its 90 hp engine pulls poorly, roars early. The Venga costs 2,850 euros more than the Picanto, 1,100 euros more than the Rio. But the two can often do a little less than one would hope for. In contrast, the Venga is a car for all situations and my recommendation - because it can usually do more than you expect.


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