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Front Jaguar, rear Fiat: Bizarre conversion Mitsuoka Viewt Story

The Japanese company Mitsuoka is always good for bizarre conversions. The Viewt Story with Jaguar (front) and Fiat bonds (rear) is based on the current Toyoa Yaris.

Recently the designers at Mitsuoka were on a US trip. A Corvette clone and a SUV with an old-school Chevy look were amazingly successful creations. It is astonishing because the weird company in this country is mainly known for its sports car interpretation Orochi - and that is, well, rather moderately successful. With the Viewt Story, however, well-known paths are being taken again just in time for the 30th anniversary of the company. Partly at least. ,

Formerly Micra, today Yaris

The basis is again a car from Toyota, namely the Yaris (with the SUV "Buddy" it was a RAV4). In the case of the Viewt, however, the design speaks "British English" – at least on the front. It is basically reminiscent of Jaguar's four-door sports sedan Mark 2 from the 1960s. The grille and the shape and arrangement of the headlights are clearly taken from the classic British. The Viewt model is an old acquaintance, as it was Mitsuoka's debut work in 1993. Even then inspired by the Jaguar design, but so far based on the Nissan Micra. ,

At the rear, on the other hand, a different picture emerges. With the rear view, Mitsuoka paraphrases the Fiat 500 , completing a somewhat wild mix of styles based on the Japanese small car. The dimensions remain identical to the donor vehicle from Toyota, as does the range of powertrains and the interior layout. The Japanese give the starting price the equivalent of 21,500 euros and yes, there seems to be a market for it. At least in Japan. ,


Did you know that a Toyota Yaris can be turned into a Jaguar-Fiat mishmash? Neither do we – Mitsuoka does. For the 30th anniversary of the company from Japan, there is the Viewt as a hatchback model. Here we come full circle, because the Viewt was Mitsuoka's first conversion model in 1993. At that time still based on the Nissan Micra.


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