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First ride in the Suzuki Swift Sport: screamers reloaded

First ride in the Suzuki Swift Sport 2012
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T actually, there is another one! Surprise in the cockpit of the new Suzuki Swift Sport, because the Japanese have donated a six-speed gearbox after severe criticism of the predecessor. However, the additional gear pairing primarily serves to give the two-door a little more everyday usability, in the event that a longer stretch of the motorway is pending. In any case, the top speed is still reached in fifth gear.

Four-cylinder sounds like a horde of high school graduates

The four-cylinder in the Suzuki Swift, which has been upgraded from 125 to 136 hp, sounds like it Sport is still as sexy as a horde of high school graduates on a graduation trip on the Ballermann - but it also doesn't let you burn. The 1.6-liter engine, compressed at 11.0: 1, hangs greedily on the gas and turns fluffy into the limiter at 7,000 /min.

The driver has everything well under control in his newly arranged workstation in the Suzuki Swift Sport, which is furnished with inexpensive plastic, as the pretty steering wheel and the appropriately contoured sports seats can now be better adjusted to one another. The steering itself works with sufficient precision, despite its electromechanical design. And the landing gear? The vote got a tad too conservative, because the Swift would rather understeer too early than too late - despite the standard ESP.

Suzuki Swift Sport a bargain?

In general, the equipment: Here Suzuki shows itself from the generous side, because extras can be found in the price list for none. That’s a nice surprise too. In addition, the base price for the Suzuki Swift Sport is 18,490 euros.


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