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Fiat Panda in the driving report: renovation in the magic cube

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Fiat Panda in the driving report
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Z for luck, it stays with the cube design. You can't do anything else with the Fiat Panda. After more than 30 years of construction, it still enjoys the reputation of being a practical, fair small car - a special feature in the fast-moving carousel.

The third generation of the Fiat Panda, which will be launched in March, is one of many Make thoroughly reground version of the current model. A lovable box with four doors that adds something (length: plus eleven centimeters, width: plus 5.5 centimeters).

New Fiat Panda with better comfort

During the high lights will cause discussions, the better comfort calms down inside - a merit of the new, comfortable front seats and the steering wheel with good grip. It takes a few minutes to understand the functions of all switches. It could run faster if the buttons weren't painted in high-gloss black. The Fiat guys probably wanted to bring some glamor to the Panda.

Before that, they seem to have worked extensively on the practical talents of the interior. Everything in the new Fiat Panda looks well thought out: the large open compartment above the actual glove compartment, for example - it is hardly recognizable as such due to the two-tone paintwork - even holds a handbag.

If you need a lot of space, you can In the future, not only move the rear seat lengthways and fold it forwards in parts, but also fold down the passenger backrest - the pricing for such extras is currently taking place.

Smart two-cylinder turbo in the Fiat Panda

Also new: the growling two-cylinder turbo from the technology brothers 500 and Lancia Ypsilon. The gasoline engine may not be a model for creamy idling, but when it goes off lively after a tiny starting weakness, its critics are also silent. The automatic start-stop system should react more quickly if it cranks up the gasoline engine again after driving breaks. The chassis and steering of the Fiat Panda work together better than before, the suspension has a few more potholes and the electric steering can be operated more precisely - it retains its super smooth city function. New is a city safety system that initiates emergency braking in the event of an impending accident up to 30 km /h.

From autumn, the Fiat Panda will be available with 4x4 drive on request. The base price for the small gasoline engine, thestarts under 10,000 euros - unfortunately without ESP.


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