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Fiat 600: return of the Seicento as an electric crossover

Fiat has announced two new electric models for 2023, one of which is the Fiat 600, which our Erlkönig hunter has now caught.

The small car (B segment) will be launched at the end of 2023/beginning of 2024 and is based on the modified e-CMP platform (Common Modular Platform) from the Stellantis Group. The Jeep Avenger is already based on this and in the future the Alfa Brennero as well. All three models will roll off the assembly line at the Polish plant in Tychy.


Fiat 600 EV as a crossover

Compared to its technology donor, the Fiat 600 is not a pure SUV, but a crossover. The five-door sports LED headlights and a strongly curved bonnet. The grill is largely closed, where Fiat also installs the sensors for the assistance systems and semi-autonomous driving. The wheelhouses are slightly flared, and despite the camouflage, there is a clear bead at the height of the door handles.

The Fiat 500 cover can be seen particularly well at the rear. Here he wears the lights known from the Fiat 500X. The slightly curved roof ends in a larger roof edge spoiler.

Electric drive like in a jeep

In the interior, despite the camouflage, we can already see a free-standing screen on the dashboard. This is also reflected in the shape of the Jeep brother. The cockpit, which is probably also digital, is housed under a small curved cockpit roof.

With a view to the Avenger, we can already adapt the technical data. The sticker on the side of the Erlkönig reads "54 kWh," which is the Jeep's battery capacity. Accordingly, the Fiat 600 comes on the market with an electric motor at the front, 156 hp and a range of around 400 kilometers. The dimensions are also at Jeep level: 4.1 meters in length, 2.56 meters wheelbase.

Of course, the Fiat 600 is also available with a combustion engine in addition to the pure electric drive. Under the hood then works the 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol engine with a 48-volt hybrid system and 100 hp. In Germany, however, the Avenger will only be offered as an electric car, and from 2024 it will even have a second electric motor and thus electric all-wheel drive.

Fiat Topolino as a Citroën Ami clone

The Fiat 600, whose name is not yet official, will probably inherit the Fiat 500X. The second 2023 model should then be the reincarnation of the Topolino, which comes to us as a Fiat version of the Citroen Ami.

By the way: Few people in this country are aware that the Fiat Seicento was already available as an electric car from 1999 to 2002. The Seicento Elettra with Siemens technology cost 21,000 euros at the time, had a maximum speed of 100 km/h and a maximum range of 90 kilometers with its lead battery. It was not a successful model - fewer than 300 copies were sold in total.


Fiat is bringing back the Fiat 600 as an all-electric crossover. The "Seicento" is likely to inherit the Fiat 500X and is positioned above the electric Fiat 500. The Topolino as a Citroën Ami clone and the Fiat Panda round off the portfolio. At the top there should be another model in the B segment. According to the first rumours, an SUV with the well-known name: Multipla.


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