Extravagant: Polo Treser GT from 1993 for sale

Standing out from the crowd with a Polo isn't easy, but with the Treser GT it's guaranteed to work. One is currently for sale at Garage 11 in Hamburg.

The Polo II as a coupé with 75 hp and GT equipment costs around 22,500 marks from 1991. The buyer then had a solid, but certainly not a particularly exclusive vehicle in his garage at home. But both attributes could be combined with the help of Walter Treser. Of course, the name will ring in your head here and there. From 1976, Treser was in charge of vehicle concept development at Audi and was jointly responsible for the Audi Quattro, whose name incidentally came from his idea. From 1982 the engineer finally built up his own company for automotive technology and in the mid-1980s he grabbed the Quattro for a conversion. Only a few years later, the VW Polo Coupé follows for a spectacular conversion.,

Almost as expensive as an SLK

The Polo Treser GT is only made 290 times, ten of them directly at Treser in Ingolstadt, the rest at a partner company in Austria. The car has a sophisticated roof construction and is therefore on the road as a Targa and as a full convertible. But so much extravagance has its price. In addition to the cost of the base vehicle, Treser demands 16,000 marks for the conversion. For comparison: The first Mercedes SLK starts not far away in 1996 with a list price of around 46,000 marks. Measured against this, the Polo Treser GT, which is currently for sale from classic car expert Jens Seltrecht from Garage 11 , is almost a bargain. The man from Hamburg would like to have 11,900 euros for the late model from 1993. The 75 hp petrol engine has so far covered around 92,000 kilometers on its original Treser design rims.,

It is therefore the top model, because between 1991 and 1993 customers would also have opted for the 55 hp variant be able. However, this has rarely happened, after all one does not skimp on the specifications when the conversion itself is so expensive. After all, the full factory warranty from Volkswagen was retained for the Polo Treser GT, which speaks for a certain quality of construction. By the way, Walter Treser had less success with the construction of his own sports car TR 1, with which we have actually been on the road before .,


You can think what you want about the unpainted fender flares and the decorative clip in the radiator grille. The Polo Treser GT is definitely an eye-catcher.


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