Electric police cars: British chief not a fan

A British police department head complains about the e-cars in the authorities' fleet. The possibilities are not mature enough.

The police station in County Gloucestershire, UK, has an impressive 75 electric cars in its fleet. Extrapolated to the total number of 435 vehicles, this accounts for more than 17 percent. Specifically, the models are the Nissan NV200 and first- and second-generation Leaf models. In view of the fact that the British government has decided to say goodbye to the combustion engine as early as 2030, this is certainly a step in the right direction. But the head of the service, Chris Nelson, expressed concern to the online magazine carscoops. Good for all criminals who are on the run with conventional combustion engines - bad for society. Nelson cites the lack of charging infrastructure, especially in rural areas, as the reason for this. Numerous charging stations have been installed on the premises of the police station, but the range of the emergency vehicles is limited.

In addition, the options for purely electric vehicles in police service are not yet mature enough. You also have to take into account the increased power consumption from radios and signaling systems. Nelson is currently rather reluctant to invest in the electric vehicle fleet. Even if he can understand the efforts to protect the environment, his primary goal is to fight crime. By the way, you can take a look at the current Nissan Leaf in our photo show at the top of the article - if you are not planning a manhunt, the small electric car may be of interest to you as a private individual.,


A British police station complains about electric cars in the fleet that run out of electricity during operations. The authorities are also subject to the combustion engine shutdown decided by the respective government. With a view to fighting crime, however, it is clear that there is still a lot to be done in terms of charging infrastructure.


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