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Either OR - Seat: Crossover Arona vs small car Ibiza

Either OR - Seat
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Filling niches is practically good form in the automotive industry. Thanks to the modular structure, many models can be expanded by several variants, especially in the Volkswagen Group. Also with the Spanish VW delegation S eat that's how it happened and the crossover Arona grew out of the small car Ibiza (eleven centimeters higher, eight centimeters longer). We'll clarify now (and in an epic manner further down in the video) whether it is simply outgrowing it, or is running away qualitatively.

The format

Manufacturer /ams
The editors Patrick Lang and Thomas deliver in either OR format We always gray the purchase advice for two models from the same manufacturer to find out which car is the better for you.

Let's explain quickly first what to expect here. In our “Either OR” format, the two editors Patrick Lang and Thomas Grau always compare two vehicles from the same manufacturer. We do not collect any measurement data or test according to the classic auto motor und sport scheme. This is about buying advice and finding out which of the two models is right for you. We take a look at the configurator, check the interior, the exterior and the trunk. In addition, there are of course impressions from driving in terms of clarity, comfort, sportiness, assistance systems and so on. Depending on which criteria can be applied to the respective vehicles.

The most expensive extras

Let's start with a look at the equipment and price list. By the way, you are not allowed to focus on individual itemsnail down, because the prices in the configurator can change daily, sometimes just by nuances. Our test cars are both powered by the 115 hp one-liter, three-cylinder gasoline engine. A manual six-speed gearbox handles the propulsion. Our Ibiza comes in the equipment line FR, which is available from 19,965 euros. After adding up all the extras, the test car ends up at 27,439 euros. By the way, the most expensive check mark in the list was the panoramic glass roof for 790 euros, which already shows that the policy of the Spaniards surcharges belongs to the moderate variety.

The Arona we ordered in the Xcellence equipment, which is a bit more expensive at 21,620 euros in the base. At a total of 27,219 euros, however, the actual test car prices are almost identical in the end. In general, the FR equipment is above the Xcellence, but the basic base price of the Arona is higher than the Ibiza. The most expensive extra was the business package for 900 euros, the components of which include GPS, DAB + and a blind spot warning. Those who like to play around in the configurator will be pleased with the gear lever options. This can namely be selected as “Fitness” and “Sophisticated”. With that, however, neither weights are attached, nor does the Knauf recite Rilke's work - the first version is bright lime green and the second eggshell beige.

Hard penetration in sport mode

Sure, the Arona offers more space - but the Ibiza also creates a complete editor in the trunk, if need be.

What you buy with the additional investment at Arona is primarily space. Although the Ibiza with its 355 liters trunk volume is also dimensioned for everyday use, the SUV version provides more space for the rear passengers and packs 400 liters behind the tailgate. The Ibiza still feels like more of a car to the passengers than a small car actually is. The driver is already more aware of the original segment, at least when the three-cylinder is in the bow. That’s the little SpaniardPowerfully motorized, dynamic but not very ambitious. This is also evident when you switch to the 'Sport' driving mode and thus only evoke a harder penetration of short transverse joints.

The Arona is more comfortable on the road, if only because less noise arrives in the interior. The relaxed overall impression would also suit a DSG better than the rather crisp manual six-speed gearbox. Together with the softer nodding - because higher - structure, the Arona becomes a casual everyday companion for everyone who likes to sit higher, but doesn't necessarily want to buy a car with oversized dimensions. You can find out where the two seats differ or are quite similar in detail here in the complete Either OR episode.


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