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E.Go E.Wave X and Xpress: Love life and love to deliver

Paris Motor Show

The electric car startup E.Go also brings its small electric car in an off-road look and then calls it E.Go E.Wave X. The E.Go E.Xpress is also a small van variant. Both celebrate their public premiere at the Paris Motor Show.

In spring 2020, the German electric car manufacturer wanted to present the E.Go Life Concept Cross study at the Geneva Motor Show. The auto show was then canceled shortly before it opened due to the onset of the corona pandemic. A good two years later, the Aachen-based company presented the E.Go E.Wave X, the series version of the small electric car derived from it. Exactly as they promised at the time.,

More power, more range

Technically, the E.Go E.Wave X is of course based on the E.Go Life. Various stylish attachments make it a crossover model. These include black wheel arch extensions, wider sill panels, newly designed aprons at the front and rear as well as additional headlights on the front mask and a railing on the roof. Newly designed alloy wheels with a diameter of up to 18 inches are in the wheel arches.

But the crossover variant also improves on the drive. The engine output increases from 57 to 80 kW, the city range increases with a new battery from 171 to up to 240 kilometers. It can be recharged with up to eleven kW. There are three driving programs to choose from: Eco, Comfort and Sport.

Mega display in the cockpit

The people from Aachen have also completely redesigned the cockpit landscape. The dominant element is now a 23-inch widescreen display that shows all relevant vehicle information as well as infotainment, multimedia and additional functions. Smartphones are integrated via Apple Carplay and Android Auto and supplied with power via an inductive charging station in the center console. The rest of the dashboard also has a new look, with the now low-lying round air vents and the redesigned three-spoke steering wheel.

With a starting price of 24,990 euros, the Cross version is 2,000 euros higher than the basic model. The E.Wave X can be reserved immediately. The first deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2022.

E.Go also as a city delivery van


But the cross version is not the only innovation from Aachen. Based on the E.Wave X, the world premiere of the E.Go E.Xpress, which the manufacturer describes as a city delivery van for the last mile, is in Paris. The first teaser image shows an E.Wave X, which stands on steel wheels with coarsely profiled tires and does without the additional headlights at the front and the roof rails. The space behind the passengers should be optimized for cargo. Further information will only be available at the trade fair.


As announced, E.Go is giving its small electric car a crossover look, a more powerful drive and more range. The cockpit landscape is also significantly modernized. The new variant should start at the end of 2022. The price will increase by 2,000 euros. Also new to the range is the E.Go E.Xpress as a small city delivery van.


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