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Driving report Lada Kalina Cross Kind regards from Tolyatti

Driving report Lada Kalina Cross
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Lada Kalina Cross: Unobtrusively successful

E in Lada Kalina is pretty much the opposite of a car for 007. The new version in the off-road look doesn't change that either. The Kalina Cross remains true to the style of the brand: a pragmatic car with no frills.

The first time you get in, you get the feeling that no button or display is too much into your field of vision. Unlike the standard Kalina, however, the orange accent color now adorns various details and the seat panels. Although this is certainly not the most relaxed color, the cockpit makes a harmonious impression. Not even the built-in hard plastic is noticeable.

Lada Kalina Cross does not beep

The puristic orientation contributes to relaxation, finding your way around is not a problem, not even the beeping of various assistance systems bothers the Kalina - there are none that would sound the alarm loudly.

With the 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 98 hp, which is already known from the standard model, the Kalina Cross is sufficiently motorized. Acceleration and pulling power are satisfactory: The station wagon reaches country road speed in 12.7 seconds, and it is over at 169 km /h. Nowadays that looks manageable, but that's all it takes in this car.

What doesn't help relaxation is the nervous whistling of the engine when revving up from around 2,500 revs. There is still room for improvement in terms of noise insulation.

No hide-and-seek in the Lada Kalina Cross

The Kalina not only offers clarity when it comes to operation, you don't lose sight of the surroundings. The view all around succeeds without restrictions. However, if you are hoping for suspension comfort in view of the 22 mm increase compared to the normal Kalina, you should expect restrictions. Most importantly, the lifting causes the car to make a deeper bow when braking. The comfort is sufficient for normal everyday driving, but rough bumps find their way to the occupants. After all, nobody has to be afraid of banging their heads over it. There is enough space upwards, forwards and to the side on every seat.

It is easier to get over the fact that the steering neither works particularly directly nor gives a lot of feedback. After all, the optical off-roader is not a sports car. But it is also not suitable for off-road use. Although underrun protection elements and generousPlastic planking want to convey this impression, the Lada Kalina Cross is a very simple car for very simple daily use. The robust look makes it look a little more attractive.

Ordinary standard equipment in the Lada Kalina Cross

For further relaxation, most interested parties should take a look at the options list. Above all, the pulse of tightly calculating contemporaries should calm down, because the possibilities of spending more money are manageable. Standard features on board include light alloy wheels, an audio system with Bluetooth and USB connection, heated seats, automatic air conditioning, daytime running lights, an on-board computer and metallic paint. The only extra that can be booked for an additional 200 euros are fog lights. The engine and manual five-speed gearbox are the same in each model. The Kalina Cross is available from dealers for 10,690 euros.

Should Mr. Bond be particularly stressed after a delicate job for Her Majesty, you could order a trip to the Lada Kalina Cross. Maybe then he'll come back down. From Russia with love - he already knows that, the Bond.


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