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Crazy Australian drives two Suzuki Jimny at the same time

Crazy Australian drives two Jimnys at the same time
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E s is mean: this new Jimny has so many fans that it is no longer available in Germany because the off-road dwarf was sold out in no time. And then an Australian comes along in a bold manner and drives two of them off as if he couldn't get his neck full. Okay, let's calm down - it's not really as cheeky as it first seems.

Across the wilderness

Youtube Screenshot /Suzuki Australia
If Suzuki is now receiving a corresponding number of inquiries, it might just be a matter of time until the roller skates become official merchandise.

Suzuki Australia has released a promotional clip which for a brief moment gives the impression that it two remote controls rattled ered mini Jimnys through the area. Until the camera pulls up and you can see that there is a foot in both cars. The Australians put on, to say the least, progressively dressed actor off-road roller skates in the shape of the popular four-wheel drive cars and chased him across the wilderness once. With great attention to detail, by the way, because when you go backwards after a jump, even the taillights go on.

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But as funny as this clip is, it does not, of course, overlook the fact that German prospects are looking into the tube for the time being. The demand was apparently underestimated, according to Suzuki. The delivery times are now so long that it is no longer possible to make concrete statements to customers. An increase in production is currently being examined in Japan. If you want to piss off the little off-road charmer a bit, you are welcome to do so in our picture gallery.


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