Chevrolet Aveo Egologic with LPG drive

Rossen Gargolov
Chevrolet Aveo Egologic with LPG
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C hevrolet equips the entire model range in Germany with LPG Drive off - in the case of the Aveo usually for an extra charge of 2,350 euros.

In 2010 the LPG drive for the Chevrolet Aveo will be available for free

Chevrolet is equipping the entire model range in Germany under the name Ecologic with LPG drive - in the case of the Chevrolet Aveo normally for an additional charge of 2,350 euros, which is only available after around 71,000 km amortized. In 2010, however, the system is available for free. It is neatly integrated, and the 47-liter LPG tank in the spare wheel well ensures a long range with liquid gas. But it doesn't work entirely without petrol. With a cold start, the 1.2-liter four-cylinder starts with super, only switches to LPG mode after a few hundred meters.

In the city, the restrained performance of the is sufficient Chevrolet Aveo

Then the already sparse pulling power of the poorly cultivated engine disappears, the consumption increases significantly - which is due to the almost 30 percent lower calorific value of LPG compared to gasoline. In the city, the restrained driving performance is sufficient, but overland and on the highway, the spacious Chevrolet Aveo for its size soon uses up the low power reserves. The inharmonious suspension comfort, the imprecise steering and the meager safety equipment without ESP and windowbags are also less than convincing. If Aveo, then Ecologic.


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