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Black and white bargain: Renault Twingo Urban Night

Renault brings the small car Twingo as a special model "Urban Night". The small car can be ordered in an electric and a combustion version. You can find out why this is a good idea here.

In the automotive world, terms like "special model" usually come with a hefty price premium. It does not even have to be about exclusive sports cars, special vehicle variants are also being diligently launched in the small car segment - as was recently the case with Renault. The French are launching the small Twingo as a special model "Urban Night". In addition to the proper name, there is a dashing decor and plenty of amenities. The Twingo Urban Night is based on the Intens equipment line and costs at least 17,150 euros as a petrol engine. A minimum of 26,490 euros is due for the electric version.,

Sounds like a lot of money for a small amount of car? First, let's see what you actually get for it. In addition to the Intens standard equipment, Renault donates the 7-inch touchscreen Easy Link navigation system with online connection for OTA updates, Wi-Fi hotspot and smartphone integration. There is also a reversing camera including ultrasonic sensors, heated front seats and an inductive charging cradle. The seats with integrated headrests have an exclusive design that is reserved for the special model. The Urban Night emblem then extends over the entire roof and is repeated on the rear door on the driver's side. Without the premium package, the foiling is limited to the C-pillar on the passenger side. Customers can have the base painted in the basic color Pyrénées white or the optional colors Lunaire grey, Quartz white or Black Pearl black. Depending on taste, the special model foils can be applied either dark or light, regardless of the combination of paint and foil. What always comes across as black are the high-sheen 16-inch wheels and the heavily tinted rear windows. White accents, on the other hand, can be found in the grille and another "Urban Night" accent on the exterior mirrors.,

And now why is it a good idea to choose the Twingo Urban Night? Well, the basic requirement would of course be that you like the design. If this is the case, you save around 1,000 euros compared to similarly equipped models from the Intens line. The standard petrol engine costs 18,300 euros including the extras included in the special model and some decoration, the electric version 27,750 euros. In addition, the Twingo Urban Night will only be available in a limited edition. Real value increase potential, as with some special sports car models, is not to be expected, but at least a certain degree of individuality.,


With the Twingo Urban Night, Renault is launching a pleasing special model that even has a price advantage over standard models with comparable equipment. However, nothing is currently known about the exact limitation of the number of pieces.


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