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Audi A1 from MTM and Wendland in the driving report: Tuning A1

Hans-Dieter Seufert
MTM and Wendland Audi A1 driving report
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W elch an elan. The two Audi A1s whistle up the Swabian Alb with an emphasis that is strongly reminiscent of the Mini Cooper S. And when you get to the top you ask yourself: Are they really tuned? Both MTM and Wendland deliver such a convincing product that it could well come from mass production. Both have made the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI.

Audi A1 from MTM and Wendland with additional control unit

Because the Audi Motronic of the four-cylinder petrol engine cannot be cracked in order to reprogram it, the tuners have an additional feature -Control unit in front of it - it gives false signals to the engine electronics, whereupon it adapts its values. In this way, the boost pressure, ignition and air and fuel volume of the Audi A1 can be influenced.

The standard 122 PS and 200 Nm of the 1.4 liter turbo under the hood of the Audi A1 increase to 150 PS on the Wendland and 261 Nm, with the MTM to 160 PS and 235 Nm. Here a sports silencer contributes to the higher performance, which makes the displacement dwarf sound almost like a Golf GTI.

Wendland and MTM Audi A1 sprint off

Roaring deeply the MTM Audi a1 sets off, sprints to 100 km /h in 8.9 seconds, underlining the automated gear changes of the optional DSG with a full clearing of throat. Although the Wendland Audi A1 sounds as standard, it sprints from zero to 100 km /h in 8.7 seconds (series in the test: 9.5 seconds) and pulls significantly more powerfully.

Correspondingly, the technical data show the maximum torque earlier than with the MTM. The Wendland Audi A1 is also slightly ahead in terms of consumption: Compared to the series, it consumes half a liter more per 100 kilometers, the MTM on average 0.8.

Tuned Audi A1s are no bullies

Both tuners lower the body of the Audi A1 with shorter springs and rely on the already very tight series dampers. MTM also puts the Audi A1 on an 18-inch model and thus wags both the series and the Wendland in the driving dynamics test. The fun factor is high on the country road: if you want, you can ask the rear to steer by changing the load - an offer, not a compulsion. The MTM remains pious when pulled.

The Wendland Audi A1 also reveals a willingly turning rear end, but slides earlier over the 17-inch front wheels under load in slalom, which spoils its driving dynamics values.Subjectively, driving fun is also high without reaching that of the MTM Audi A1 - it responds more quickly to steering commands. What stands out: The tuned Audi A1s are far away from bullies. Even on the highway, both bounce properly. In the end, the better chassis is the decisive factor in favor of the MTM Audi A1.

MTM Audi A1 delivers the better idea

Through the low mountain range, the conspicuously covered Audi A1 wags like a Mini, without being tough on the suspension. Even the premium impression of the small Audi does not suffer from the tuning. Congratulations MTM: a successful performance on the company's 20th anniversary.

On the engine side, the more economical, faster and cheaper Wendland is pushing forward, but the MTM clearly outperforms it in terms of driving dynamics. In the end, a tight decision is made in his favor: The A1 from MTM wags almost as cheekily up the mountain as a mini - without damaging the intervertebral discs.


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