AC Schnitzer Raptor Mini JCW Coupé in the test

Rossen Gargolov
AC Schnitzer Raptor Mini JCW Coupé
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S You know the game too: Cars in Street café can only be guessed by its sound. Sawing, milling, rattling: Sure, six-cylinder boxer Porsche 911. Hissing, whistling, crackling: Sure, a turbocharged boost pressure beast à la Nissan GT-R - wrong, at this moment the latest Mini from AC Schnitzer could have hissed by. After the tested project vehicle AC Schnitzer Eagle Mini JCW from the previous year, there is now an even hotter tuning creation called Raptor based on the Mini JCW Coupé.

Under the 2.6 kilo carbon bonnet, which is already the Schnitzer-Eagle wore on his nose in 2011, the Raptor hides an exclusive engine loan. AC Schnitzer not only borrowed a souped-up 1.6-liter unit with 300 hp, but also received technical support from mini racing minister Joachim Schirra, who heads the VLN long-distance team Schirra motoring, as with the Eagle development.

AC Schnitzer-Coupé got its fat away

Not only the engine of the modified Mini JCW Coupé sounds like motorsport under the guise of StVZO of an individual approval for test vehicles. 'The doors and the trunk lid come from the racing car with which Mini competed in the 2011 24-hour race at the Nürburgring,' explains Roman Fenners, Head of Development at AC Schnitzer in Aachen. Compared to the 1,230 kilo series Mini JCW Coupé in the test, the Schnitzer Coupé lost its fat.

Overall, the Raptor Mini slimmed down by 156 to 1,074 kilos. In addition to the doors and the trunk lid of the factory racer made of carbon material and carbon fenders at the front, AC Schnitzer uses newly developed front and rear aprons, each two kilos lighter than the standard parts. Makrolon panes reduce the weight, as do the Recaro carbon bucket seats and a lightweight battery from Porsche. “We were able to get most of the weight out compared to the basic coupé by removing the center bar,” explains Manfred Wollgarten, technician and test driver at AC Schnitzer. 75 kilos are saved by dispensing with the stiffening construction behind the seats, which the series coupé has to lug around with it because of the identical construction with the JCW Roadster.

Raptor convinced at the Tuner Grand Prix

Enough talking shop. The AC Schnitzer Raptor Mini JCW Coupé is being tested with the rear axle jacked up and heated blankets on the rear wheelsin the pit lane of Hockenheim. “The Direzza have a peak, they break down slightly after the first lap and then remain constant,” reveals Mani Wollgarten, who already drove the Raptor at the sport auto Tuner Grand Prix 2012 with a time of 1.11 , Chased 2 minutes over the small course. “You don't even need to come back into the pits for more than 1.11 minutes,” says development man Fenners, grinning, heating up the tester's ambition -Shift travel shortening on. The sports clutch bites poisonously. Starting shot: clack, second gear, ziiiiiissssssch, third, ziiiiiiiisssch, fourth. Never before has a street-legal mini whistled the song of the turbo symphony so happily.

The matt-colored little one marches with a power-to-weight ratio of 3.6 kg /PS (series: 5.8 kg /PS) not only like a big one, but thanks to the precisely trimmed KW coilover kit, it sticks out around the bend with steering precision similar to that of a racing car. With extreme camber values ​​of -3 ° 58 ‘on the left and -3 ° 54‘ on the front axle (series: -0 ° 40 ‘left, -0 ° 39‘ right), that's no wonder. In tight corners, the AC Schnitzer Raptor also noticeably lifts the inside rear wheel. Understeer is a foreign word never heard of in this Mini, but also straight-line stability with a generally open overall lane of -0 ° 24 'on the front axle in connection with a Drexler differential lock Predator that hunts for highway center lines, but for hairpins, chicanes or high-speed bends. Not only is the turning behavior as tasty as the Christmas goose on nuts, the accelerating out of the car also tastes good to the sports car fan. Thanks to Dunlop Direzza, which sticks to the asphalt like Pattex, and the Drexler lock, the mini-pedal can accelerate with full power early on. Yippie, this is the only way to make driving at the front wheel fun.

The salt in the lateral dynamics soup is also provided by cheeky load change reactions that require nimble counter-steering impulses from an expert hand on the steering wheel. At first it is astonishing when at 180 km /h in a left bend of the crossbar on the small course at Hockenheim, the mini rear end starts to swing the hip with motivation. After that, however, the grin is permanently stapled from ear to ear like after a cosmetic operation.

Mini lap time at super sports car level

When you look at the measuring device, the grin becomes even wider. With 1.10.9 minutes, the AC Schnitzer Raptor Minin JCW Coupé laps the short course in the sport auto test not only three tenths of a second faster than in the Tuner Grand Prix, but also an incredible 8.2 seconds faster than the series -Coupe. With its impressive result, the AC Schnitzer-Raptor now drives in the most elite sports car circles: Mercedes SLS AMG (1.10.8 min), Porsche 911 Turbo S (1.10.9 min), Lexus LFA (1.11.0 min). Any questions?


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